Automatic Golf Resource Page

This page has extra resources to expand on your learning. I've also included some case studies below. You can also listen to the extra bonus Automatic Golf Podcast by clicking here.

Case Studies

29 Minutes To A Better Golf Game

This is one of my original training videos on automating your golf game.

Cameron's game

In this video I walk you through the process that I've used to totally transform my game. This is the exact process that has helped me become bullet proof on the golf course and play well under pressure.

Ray is amazing!

I actually never coached Ray but I helped explain to him why he has been so good. He has never taken a lesson and always wondered why he was able to play so well. His game is truly amazing and an impressive golfer. Some important lessons here...

Adam's Rule

In this video I show you how I was able to help my most difficult client shoot a par score. We have done a lot of work over the last few weeks but almost every breakthrough can be put down to Adam following this really simple advice. There is some profound learning here. And it's especially important if you are struggling with golf and have made it way too complex.

Video Golf Lesson

Here's a video of a golf lesson I did with Steady earlier this year. Total time is around 37 minutes so you'll need to be committed. But it's definitely worth a look if you need a spark or looking for some ways to improve your game. Some points to take note of:

  • The limited conversation.
  • The amount of golf balls he hits
  • The questions
  • Me pushing him further
  • Watch out for Koda
  • The joking and mucking around. This is ideal for relaxation and learning. I like to make lessons fun

Watch the video below. It's a large file (over 200mb) and may take some time for it to fully stream. Please be patient with it. I tried to optimise it for the web without losing too much quality. You might need to turn your speakers up - it can be hard to hear Steady but you should be able to follow.

Natural Learning Resource

Below you'll find extra bonus content on my favourite golf books of all time.

Inner Game of Golf
Mind Swings
Conquest of Fear

Extra Audio Learning

Here are some little extra audios that I've added ...

Advanced Golf Practice Ideas
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Advanced Club Throwing Drill Thoughts
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Thoughts on Lydia Ko
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