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Get my insider secrets on what has been called, the golf swing of the future.

Below you'll find all the information and some of my best ideas for implementing BioSwing. If there's anything specific you'd like to know I'm happy to create a video or golf lesson specifically for you. The more questions, the better this content becomes.

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Main BioSwing Video

Best drill for a better golf swing

The Amazing Drill - two videos

A really simple golf drill

Hold Fire Release

Cameron hitting the ball and demonstrating BioSwing Secrets

Some Extra Thoughts

Extra Bonus Videos

Myth Of Forearm Rotation (two videos)

Start the club back drill

Own a better golf grip drill

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Welcome to BioSwing Secrets. Here you'll find all my best ideas pertaining to BioSwing. The swing model came about because of a comprehensive study into the golf swing, what you're viewing on this page is the updated and improved upon training.

Tips and Ideas

I hate golfers to go to the golf course and be thinking about their swing and technique. I know it's hard, but you must strive to play more freely and think less. BioSwing ultimately is about playing automatically, so you can take your game to the golf course without lots of thought.

I have been telling golfers for years to train their swing away from the golf course and then go play. When you're playing golf you're thinking about your target and the best club to get it there. You ARE NOT thinking about your swing.

Train it and then trust it.