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[For Serious Golfers Only] An Online Learning Based Golf Performance Training Course

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Introducing, the Automatic Golf Inner Circle Training Course

The Automatic Golf Inner Circle is a comprehensive online training course that coaches you through the process of natural learning with the goal of getting you to play the golf of your life.

And it doesn’t matter what your current level of play is, how old you are or your golfing experience. If you’re not happy with your current performance levels and find traditional golf instructions confusing, conflicting and difficult, then Inner Circle has your name on it.

Based On Biomechanics and The Science of Learning

The ideas and methodology are based on real coaching. Cameron has translated the complication of a major biomechancial study and blended that with the latest in learning science. He has proven and tested his ideas over the last 20 years with golfers from every golf playing nation.

This course is for those who have tried, but failed, with traditional golf teaching methodologies. And it’s way different from “normal” ideas because it focuses on a learning methodology rather than a technical one.

Proven Process

The learning based methodology works for ALL golfers and helps overcome the pitfalls of typical type golf technique by removing confusion and all the "mumbo jumbo". Works for all golfers who have a willingness to learn.

New Paradigm

Become the very best that you can possibly be by unlocking (and enhancing) your natural learning system. Get away from the "quick-tip" type instruction and discover the real coaching approach that is far easier to do and way more rewarding.

Simple Process

Forget about confusing (and contradictory) golf technique and trying to force your body into positions that it isn't meant to go. Automatic Golf works with the natural biomechanics of your body and blends in natural learning principles, so the concepts are as easy to learn as riding a bike.

Expert Mentorship

Learn from one of the world's best coaches who has a deep understanding of biomechanics, high performance and the science of coaching. This combination not only helps you learn a better golf swing, but gives you the power to truly master your golf game.

Module #1 Mental, Mindset & Attitude Training

Give your game the unfair advantage as you set yourself up to become bulletproof. Learn to avoid distractions as your mental game develops unwavering focus, no matter how much pressure you're playing under.

Module #3 Automatic Putting

Take your putting game to new heights when you learn the ridiculously simple steps outlined in this module. Stop three putting, sink more of those tricky short putts and maximise your practice time.

Module #5 Reward for Effort (RfE)

In this module you'll learn how to get the most bang for your buck with your practice time. Don't get frustrated and angry any longer when your game falls apart when you least want it to. Fight back and get real reward with your game when you discover how to practise correctly.

Module #2 Natural Golf Swing

Unlock your natural golf swing and discover how good you really can become. Your natural golf swing will be more powerful, reliable and easier to perform - way better than anything you can learn from any traditional quick-tip in a golf magazine!

Module #4 Short Game

This module delves deeper into the true art of owning a magical short game. Discover how to gain control by hitting the ball with more spin and learning to get these shorter shots to finish closer to the pin.

Module #6 Mastery

This is the last piece of the golf learning puzzle. The golf course is where the magic happens and you'll start playing with supreme confidence. No longer will fear, nerves and self-doubt slow you down. You'll break free and play like a true master and discover how good you really can become. This makes golf the best sport in the world.

Learn at the time that suits you

When you join Automatic Golf Inner Circle you get immediate access to the training portal. And the portal has been created so you can access from any device. Smart phone, tablet or your computer.

  • Complete online training platform that covers all aspects of the game
  • Presented by learning expert so everything is easy to learn
  • Content appears in video, audio and the written form
  • Available on any device (mobile, tablet, PC) 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • Lifetime access
  • $497 + worth of bonus material
  • Unlimited support and help through the online portal
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Instant access, even if it's 2am

Cameron's passion is the beauty of playing the game of golf and the deeply rewarding learning that can come from it, and in coaching himself and others, I honestly don't know of anyone, in a very confused world of golfers and coaches, who does it better.

Scott Barrow
Scott Barrow High Performance Coach

Cameron helped turn my putting from my weakest link into my strongest asset.

Aaron Baddeley
Aaron Baddeley PGA Tour Star

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The course consists of training videos, audios, worksheets and training manuals (PDF). You can access the material on any device at anytime you desire. 100% guarantee