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Do you host your own golf podcast and need an entertaining guest?

Five reasons to get Cameron Strachan on your podcast:

  • Provides an entertaining interview covering a wide range of golf learning and coaching concepts
  • Can give an indepth discussion on the Look & Shoot Putting System and how it can help any golfer sink more putts. Plus he'll share the story about how the world's best putter started using his system.
  • Can discuss the biomechanics of the golf swing and how to learn a better golf swing WITHOUT destroying your game in the process. Cameron has blended the complexities of golf swing science with natural learning principles and has a unique way of simplifying the learning process.
  • Discussion on natural learning strategies and how one can play their best golf under pressure. Plus, he'll go deeper into playing your best golf without getting bogged down with complicated swing theories.
  • Cameron offers generous commission and affiliate deals for his books/products. Cameron likes to offer your listeners special deals on his products and you are able to "clip the ticket" on each sale.

Use the form on this page to book a time to chat to Cameron

This is a quick informal chat to work out all the details and options. Note - the video says click a button but this has been replaced with my calendar to arrange a quick chat. Also, if you book a call I'll send you my two best selling books after we speak.

Let's arrange a quick chat to discuss podcast options


  • Q.Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

    A.Cameron has been thinking deeply about the golf learning process for 25+ years. After initially succeeding at golf (shooting a par score within months) traditional teaching didn’t work for him. He lost the plot and the harder he tried, the worse he became.

    At first he thought there was something wrong with him but then he realised that all the technique was too much for him. When he stopped all the lessons his natural game returned.

    He has realised, since writing 12 books, that the golf world is full of golfers who also struggle with technique and swing theories. Cameron’s first website was published in 2004 and his ideas have been shared with golfers from all over the planet.

  • Q.What can we talk about on the podcast?

    A.Cameron can talk about a wide range of topics, including,

    The Look & Shoot Putting System he created and how he helped turn a young kid into the world’s best putter.

    How he invented a better golf swing model using complicated biomechanics and blending that with natural learning principles.

    Why most golfers struggle with technical instruction and what they should be doing instead.

    Cameron is happy to discuss almost anything about golf, from current news and events to all things coaching/learning.

  • Q.Can I promote Cameron's products for a commission of sales?

    A.Yes. Cameron has a wide variety of products that he offers affiliate/commission sales for.

  • Q.How long do you like to chat for?

    A.It’s up to you. Cameron can talk all day about golf.

  • Q.What times suit you best?

    A.Cameron is located just outside of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (AEST) – Australian Eastern Standard Time. He is quite flexible on times and can almost certainly find a time that suits you.

  • Q.Can you write some questions to ask Cameron?

    A.Yes. We can provide a range of questions that Cameron will give entertaining answers for.

  • Q.What's this quick chat calender thing about?

    A.I have found that it’s quicker and easier to jump on a call to discuss all the options available:

    Golf topics
    Products to promote
    Best time to do podcast