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There's something terribly wrong with how most of us learn to play golf

The biggest problem facing golf is that it's just too damn hard. Despite all the latest technology, new-age theories and equipment, golf is still impossibly hard for too many.

And perhaps the most frustrating thing for serious golfers is that the harder we try and improve, the more difficult the game becomes.

This contradiction nearly killed my golf game. If has also spurned me to action and created a 20+ year long fascination with human learning and performance.

At my low point I was close to selling my clubs and walking away forever. Tennis seemed like a better sport. But I'm stubborn and don't give up easily. And I'm glad I hung tough because when the fog cleared I realised something quite profound...

Golf is not unlike any other skill we perform day to day. It shouldn't be so hard!

It's not the game that's so hard. It's how we learn it. Golf instruction is a mess and it's causing all sorts of issues. Take the average golfer who is trying to get better. It seems quite normal for him to think:

About the perfect way to hold the club

How best to start the club away (should I use my big muscles or do I use my hands?)

How to rotate and turn correctly (where does the club point? What do the shoulders do? What about the hips?)

How to hit the ball (What should my arms be doing? How do I hit the sweet spot? What's the ideal way to release?)

I've lost my swing, what do I do now? (this golfer is now back at the beginning and is now going around in circles)

And if you add in the pressure of the golf course and trying to choose the right shot and club to hit, it's no wonder golf is a really difficult sport.

And then it can get worse...

If you're really crazy (and passionate about golf) you can go deep into all this instruction stuff. You can bombard yourself with all sorts of information. You can get lost in the fog of technique and instruction. And this bombardment can seem like the right thing to do because this is what everyone else is doing. But let me be blunt. If you want to play better golf and find any sort of consistency then you've got to stop the rot.

You've got to give your system a break. You need to simplify your approach because this is the only way to make consistent and longterm learning possible.

Simple Is Beautiful - understand this and your golf game will never be the same again

Pesky is that little creature that sits on your shoulder and reminds you constantly:

  • Don't swing too quickly
  • Keep out of the water
  • You're no good enough
  • You're going well today, don't stuff things up now
  • Don't embarrass yourself - everyone is watching

Pesky is a shit. He can bring grown men to their knees. And Pesky loves complexity. He thrives on all the quick-tips and instruction you give him. This is his fuel. The more things you throw his way the louder and more destructive he becomes.

Simple Is Beautiful. When you simplify you cut the oxygen to Pesky. He has nothing to hold onto and, maybe for the first time, you can play free from his grasp. This is when golf really does become easier and more enjoyable.

More is ugly. When you keep adding and overloading your system it doesn't take long to implode. And from this point it doesn't matter how talented you are or how good your swing technique, you'll fail. Golf will be too hard for you and any form of consistency and mastery will be impossible.

Less Is More

My favourite simplification story from the real world is that of the Wright brothers - those amazing flying brothers that were the first people to take flight.

Back in the day there was a lot of competition to build the first plane. The Wright boys had some competition, Government and big business who had almost unlimited resources and money.

The Wright's had an unfair advantage though. While all the others were focused on building the biggest and most powerful engine possible (engines that were too heavy), the Wright's kept things much simpler.

Their focus was on building the lightest plane. They worked on aerodynamics and almost built a glider. They knew that from here a very small engine would keep the plane in the air. They didn't worry about power. They adopted a Less Is More attitude and became famous for the first "heavier than air" flight.

There's golf learning to be had with this story. Golfer's, for the most part, are obsessed with building a bigger and better golf swing (the engine). But they forget to play the game. They miss the point of the game - to get the ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes.

But show me a golfer who learns to play the game and works with his learning system first, then you have a golfer who can achieve anything.

Less really is more.

The Secret Of Playing Better Golf Is To Take Things Away Rather Than Adding

A recent study has found that Brazilian superstar Neymar uses only a fraction of brain power compared to other players. The consensus from the Japenese scientists is that Neymar plays on auto-pilot.

This is true simplification. Here's what Japanese researcher Eiichi Naito has to say.

"Reduced brain activity means less burden which allows (the player) to perform many complex movements at once. We believe this gives him the ability to execute his various shimmies."

This means that Neymar is able to think less and play more. He's playing the game and letting all the subtle movements happen on auto-pilot.

Multitasking is a myth. We might think we can do multiple things at once but we can't. When you're multitasking, you're not doing anything well. But learn to let go of the burden and you can do remarkable things.

All great performances happen when we stop thinking so much. You know this, but do you know how to apply this to your golf game?

An Example Of Less Is More With Golf...

Putting is a black art. It doesn't always make sense and sometimes, no matter how well we putt, the ball just doesn't find the hole. It's part of the game. Accept this and you'll definitely sleep better at night.

When it comes to reading greens we can spend lots of energy and time working out the exact break - you see lots of golfers doing this. They look at the putt from all angles and then have a load of practice strokes to figure out the speed.

The problem here is that these golfers are painfully slow. And rarely do they putt that well. And here's why...

... Golfers aren't that good at working out the exact line a putt should take. The issue is that the line of the putt is determined by the starting point AND how hard you hit the ball. Despite your best efforts, you actually don't know precisely how hard you're going to hit the putt until after you've hit the ball.

So how can you get the right line? You can't.

A better way is to get an approximation of the line of the putt. This requires less energy and time and you'll putt better as a result. Instead of trying to figure the exact line, you look at the putt and walk in and hit it.

You'll know, for example, that your 10 foot birdie putt is a little left to right, but you don't obsess about getting a really precise line. You leave all the fine tuning (and guess work) to your subconscious.

This is putting using a "simple mind".

It takes far less energy, you'll play more quickly, and you'll definitely improve your putting. Go on, give this a go next time you're playing.

The Process That Leads To Ultra-Simplicity & Golfing Success

In 2010 I traveled to Chicago for a business seminar, to meet some industry leaders and learn some new tricks. One guy stood out from the pack. He talked and acted differently. He helped me see things with greater clarity.

Perry Marshall was a once self-proclaimed boring engineering geek. He was struggling financially and unsatisfied with his job. He discovered the magic of writing and connecting with customers on an emotional level. Perry became a salesman and left behind the world of engineering. He hasn’t looked back.

He has since became the world authority on Google Adwords (those little ads that pop up on Google when you’re searching for certain topics) and has gone extremely deep on the subject. He can teach you how to set up an Adwords account, but he can also show you how to create a complete marketing system based on those ads - how to connect with your customers, how to get into their head, how to get them to like you and ultimately buy from you. It’s all fascinating.

The Stuff That Makes The Difference

Perry’s talk this day was not on Adwords. It really wasn’t about business at all but on something that at first seemed from left field.

He spoke about the Pareto Principle. The little taught subject that’s referred to as the 80/20 Rule. Here’s what it’s about:

For many events, about 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. It was first discovered by Vilfredo Pareto who found that 20% of Italians owned 80% of the wealth. But the principle repeats itself in all things - nature, business and yes, even golf.

And Perry Marshall had taken it further - he had gone deep. He even found that the 80/20 Rule is fractal, that there’s an 80/20 inside the 80/20. The example he used was that if 20% of your customers bring in 80% of your income, then 4% (20% of 20%) will bring in 64% of your income.

Perry was all over it and encouraged us to focus more on the 20% of customers (or the 20% of the 20%) rather than everyone. Not all customers are the same. A smaller percentage of them will be worth more and they bring in more profits. If you focus on the “important” customers you’ll get more reward for less effort.

It was at this point I nearly fell off my chair. As always, I was trying to think how this lesson could tie in with my golf game. Thanks to my involvement in scientific research, I was familiar with what a mechanical advantage was and the 80/20 rule seemed like a form of mechanical advantage.

One example: The scientists and I found that if a golfer softened his lead arm at the top of the backswing he could get a power advantage on the way down. You get more power with less effort because you’re able to start the club down more quickly when the arm is “soft”. It’s also easier to do, placing less stress on the shoulder girdle, so it’s completely win-win.

Perry Marshall’s ideas help solidify my golf story. They helped explain my methodology and help unlock the key leverage points that make the difference. 80/20 is about making life easier, way easier and getting more enjoyment (and results) from what we do.

Below is one of the most important graphs that helps explain the Pareto Principle and how you can get better results with the least amount of stress and effort.

Simply, if you focus on the really important stuff you'll get a breakthrough. But this can be easy and it can also be hard. Let me explain.

Some golfers struggle to let go of all the rubbish. They get off on thinking about,

  • Their grip
  • Stance
  • Swing plane
  • Forearm plane
  • Body pivot
  • Wrist cock
  • Weight shift
  • Backswing length

But these things aren't that important. For the most part, thinking about these things will slow you down. They make golf harder, not easier.

If you can leave thoughts about your technique alone, you'll have a breakthrough. You'll also light your learning system on fire and it will reward you with better golf.

They key is to simplify. To think less and not more. Do this and you'll play your best golf.

The Automatic Golf Bible: For The Golfer Who Knows That The Game Shouldn't Be So Hard

I've been around the block a few times. I've tried all the theories and taken hundreds of lessons. I've tried to rebuild my golf swing many times. I've lived and felt the pain of traditional golf instruction. I've worked with scientists, golf professionals and learning experts. I've thought deeply about golf improvement and performance. I've spent over $200,000 (and probably a lot more than that!) trying to figure out this golf thing.

But nothing comes close to golfing enlightenment that Natural Learning gave me. Natural Learning is the way to break free and get the golfing gods on your side. It's the only way to cut through the plethora of swing theories, gadgets and golfing technology to find your best golf game. I'm absolutely convinced that it's the best way to unlock your true golfing potential and play consistently.

The Automatic Golf Bible, is the ultimate guide to golf simplification. It goes deeper into the 80/20 Rule and highlights the most important (vital) things you need to concern yourself with. It's the absolute best training you can take if you're serious about playing your best golf while using the least amount of effort. It contains;


Automatic: The Art of Simple Golf (The Bible), Training Manual Content

The power of 80/20 thinking. How to get the most bang for your buck. How to play better golf using less time and energy.

How to improve your golf swing naturally. How to get a better golf swing without busting your hump and getting frustrated.

How to practise properly. How to cut your practise time and focus on the key factors that make a difference. Almost nobody is the golf world is even close.

How to avoid the many distractions of traditional teaching and keep your game on track year after year.

The real power of our learning system and how to unleash it right away. This is the only true way to play consistently and get the most enjoyment from the game.

How to control your mind so you're naturally focussed on the vitally important tasks that make the biggest difference.

How to actually "feel" your golf swing and ensure you improve constantly.

The art of relaxed concentration so you are mentally tough without having to give yourself a headache.

A simple and true path to complete mastery without too much technique. Contains stories and many case studies.

The truly simple path to improving your short game (and putting). These ideas are so simple I'm convinced you'll see improvement next time you play.

If my life was on the line I'd focus on LESS

Simplicity leads to ...


The only way to play consistently is to simplify your approach. It's just not possible to apply logic and your conscious mind. You can't just overload your system, it doesn't work. Simple Is Beautiful. It's also the fastest and easiest way to consistent golf.


Confidence breeds confidence. When we stop thinking so much and experience the magic of Less Is More our confidence grows. When you realise the talent is already inside you, then you'll never be the same golfer again. Golf will be less of a mystery and you'll play with enthusiasm and enjoyment. You'll be confident.


It's hard to find words to describe a golf game built on Less Is More. There's less confusion and frustration for a start. But there's an inner power that comes from a deep belief that you're in control - that no longer are you a victim of poor teaching and over complicated methods.

This is when golf truly becomes enjoyable and satisfying.

True Enjoyment

I've said for a long time that many golfers don't extract anywhere near the amount of enjoyment from the game that's on offer. And this is because we're stuck. We're brainwashed to continually tweak and analyse. When you move away from this it's almost like you're playing a new game. A place where learning and enjoyment reign supreme.

The Automatic Golf Bible, is a complete learning system based on how we should learn to play golf

Whether I needed to play a good game of golf or I was required to coach someone to play their best, I'd focus on Less. It could be the most powerful natural force we have available to us. Regular teaching has kept it hidden. It's time to level the playing field and make this great game easier and more enjoyable.

The adult brain is obsessed with making things more difficult and it wrongly believes that it needs to add to make better. But there's an easier way and you can start playing better more quickly by leaving behind all the rubbish.

The Automatic Golf Bible is a complete training resource that contains:

Automatic: The Art of Simple Golf (The Bible) contains my best work and is all about simplification and using the powerful the 80/20 Rule to get easy wins. And a word of warning,

This manual will challenge you. If you don't like reading and thinking deeply about golf then it won't be of interest to you. My thoughts take on the status-quo and will encourage you to make significant changes - both with your attitude, golf swing and mental skills. Here's just some of what it's all about:

Training Manual - You get access to all my thoughts and ideas on making golf simpler and easier. These concepts have come to me over a 25 year period and cover all areas of golf, from mental skills, learning a better golf swing, making more putts and learning how to practise more effectively.

Workbook - The second part of this training manual offers practical exercises to help train you to think differently and apply a simpler mindset to your game. I have found these exercises are the fastest way to take your game from the concept stage to actual peak performance.

Deeper concepts on learning and performance - There are no quick fixes. I just don't believe in them because they don't work. Each chapter contains a deeper insight that will challenge you and you move away from the straitjacket that is normal golf teaching. You can be confident that the ideas presented are based on scientific principles and natural learning strategies, not some gimmick cure you'll read in a typical golf publication.

Videos and other information - Purchase gives you immediate access to a private website that contains bonus videos and other content that relates to each edition. This has been done so you can not only read about the ideas, but you can see them too. Many of us learn more effectively with video so video has been included. Honestly, there are hours of video content that help you dig deeper and explore Automatic Golf to its fullest.

No long term contracts or commitment - No recurring payments. Pay once and get full access to your membership level.

Email updates - I've also put together a series of emails that cover the ideas presented one week at a time. I have found these little updates help keep golfers on track and provide further motivation to truly find their best golf game.

Access to me - Got a question? Great, because I'm here to help. Your inclusion in this program gives you access to me via email. Go through the information, apply what you learn and if you get stuck or aren't sure, let me know and I'll do my best to help you.

The Automatic Golf Bible (and associated content) takes you on a journey of simplification and learning. I've probably thought more about natural learning than any other coach, so you can be assured that you're getting solid information from someone who cares and thinks deeply about your game.

My true hope is that the information presented can help you enjoy golf more and assist you on playing more consistently. And if you can do that without all the heartache and stress then I reckon it's a perfect win-win.


Plus, as a super-special bonus, I’m including my full natural learning suite of products with this offer. This way, you can explore ALL of my golf learning ideas and fully immerse yourself in the methodology. Package includes, The Golf Bible, Automatic Golf Reboot, Automatic Golf Fast Start and Golf Mastery training.

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The Automatic Golf Bible has taken me many years to put together and I'm excited to offer it to you today. Join now while it's fresh in your mind and receive The Bible and all the bonus training.

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Cameron's ideas are profound. I was lucky enough to spend two days with him and he showed me why I was making golf so hard. He not only showed me, he took the time to really bash me around and forced me to see golf differently.

I couldn't believe how easy his ideas are to implement. There was no confusion and his coaching left a lasting impression on me. So much so, a few weeks later I won my Club Championship by 11 strokes. I have continued to stay automatic and I keep striving to simplify my game - every now and then I slip back to traditional thinking, but Cameron is quick to get me back on track.

Tony Lucas, Tasmania, Australia

I have known Cameron for many years and I have followed him closely. He's super passionate about helping others and pointing them on a path of simplicity and enjoyment.

My highlights with Automatic Golf have been reducing my handicap from mid teens down to four and having an amazing round where I scored 52 stableford points.

But perhaps the greatest thing with AG has been the incredible learning journey. Instead of worrying about stupid things like my grip and stance and swing, I now can play the game. And let me tell you, when you leave all the shit behind, the game becomes truly enjoyable.

Auto Golf is never going to be for anyone, but if you struggle, like I did, with conventional wisdom then what have you got to lose? My strong recommendation is to hear Cameron's words loud and clear and start to make golf easier, and not harder.

John Stead, NSW, Australia

Thanks for your continuing help with this golf stuff.
Your last work is the best I've ever read...

...I think you have nailed it with your Automatic Golf training my friend and I a man enjoying the experience.

Each time I go back over the pages I glean a new insight that gets me closer to my goal of playing to 76. It's getting closer all the time.

For the past few months I'm having fewer 3 putts, more birdies and more fun.

Phil Bowden, Australia

Hey Cameron,

I want to drop you just a quick note here. There is so much I could go into and detail my experiences with your golfing method. Simply, I am elated with the results I have experienced through working your Automatic Learning method. The excitement and enjoyment to play this great game is something I believed I had lost forever. Until reading your Look & Shoot E-book and Automatic Golf Bible. This is a game changer and you have revolutionized my approach and game in such an amazingly simple way.

As you know, I have played golf for about 30 years and in my early days in golf had accomplished getting to a +2 handicap, but stagnated from there. Year over year my game at every level eventually deteriorated. These last two years have been brutally difficult for me to enjoy playing. My short game struggles, to the pressures put on tee shots and iron shots had left me frustrated and contemplating quitting the game.

Over the last 30 days since being introduced to your book and program, I have had some amazing experiences which have fully convinced me that you have the KEY. Just a couple of tangible highlights as an example; I have not had an opportunity to even think about a putt for Eagle in my last 100 rounds prior to applying your techniques. Since then, and within 30 days, I have had five putts at Eagle over my last 4 rounds.

Secondly, I have been struggling with my short game for several years now and have developed a terrible case of the yipping chips. Over my last 4 rounds applying your principles, my chipping has improved dramatically and I am developing a new-founded trust in my own chipping and the results are showing.

When I first picked up your program, it was out of desperation. I put your challenge to the test and gave it an honest effort of practical application and the results have been proven. Along with an excitement and joy of playing the game I had lost all passion for. I can’t begin to thank you for the inspired golfing experience and I look forward to sharing more of the success along the way.

Many Thanks!

Matt Lane

Matt Lane, USA
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