The Amazing "Aussie" Putter That Makes Perfect Alignment & Putting With More Confidence Possible

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Here's an overview of the Dot Putter

The inventor, Kevin O'neill, has been a friend for years now. We're both pioneers in the golf coaching world, having shared our unique story and passion with our clients. Kevin can coach all aspects of golf but has specialised in the putting game, having been named the Putting Professor. When he approached me I was impressed what he had delivered.

More on the alignment system

They say the best ideas are simple ones and I'm sure many are going to say, "why didn't I think of that?". I've been testing this putter for a while now and I really like this DOT system. It only takes a split second to get the perfect set-up and then you're away. Your putting stance and stroke will become consistent because you're doing the same thing over and over. From here your confidence will grow and you'll make more putts. There's nothing complicated to think about. There's no confusing technique. I like this putter. A lot.

Dot Putter Image

The Dot Putter - unique alignment system (PLX Blade Putter)

In fact, I really think the Dot Putter makes the "Look and Shoot" method (I like to call it Automatic Putting) even better. It helps keep your mind off your stroke and all those stupid technical things golfers like to think about before they putt. With The Dot Putter, you'll think less and putt better. I've this I'm sure.

So it was a no brainer for me to become a distributor - I don't promote, sell or endorse many other golf products. In fact, I only promote those golf products that I would use myself. I have never wavered from this, despite getting many offers to sell all sorts of golf products. The bottom line? The Dot Putter gets my highest recommendation and I'm happy to offer it to you today.

Details of the DOT PUTTER

Colour: White
Length: 33.5 inches (Kev tells me this is the perfect length for the vast majority of golfers. If you have really long legs & short arms you may need a length adjustment.
Configuration: Comes left and right handed (choose on the next page)
Cover: Yes, comes with a very nice putter cover
Also comes with a handy box that contains different weights. Make the putter heavier or lighter. (for 747 version only)

  • A fantastic feeling putter – it just feels so good in your hands
  • A bright white colour. I’m sure they will bring out different colours but I like it. It’s striking and stands out. Certainly looks good in the bag.
  • A sensational feeling grip. It is probably the best putter grip I have ever held
  • An amazing feel off the clubface - the sound and feel is every bit as good as those super pricy & fancy models
  • A unique alignment system which separates it from almost any other putter on the market

New Version!

In late 2014 a new model of the Dot Putter was born. The 747 is a mallet type putter and I love it. It's much heavier than the original and I like the fact that it's center shafted. I feel this makes it even easier to swing it back and through and hit the ball on the sweet spot.

And the balance is incredible. It really feels great in your hands and it's almost like it putter resists being closed or open. This is good news, because a square putter face at impact ensures the ball starts on line.

And one last thing: This putter sits beautifully on the ground. It sits very level and just begs to be used. If you like the feeling of having a good looking implement in your hands, then I really think you'll love the Dot Putter 747.

Choose your option on the next page.

Dot Putter 747 Mallet

Dot Putter 747

Dot Putter PLX - Original version

Yes! I'd like to get my hands on a Dot Putter Today!

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  • Q.What makes this putter so special?

    A.It has a unique alignment system and I personally believe that it makes getting set up and aligned properly much easier. So much so, that after a few times with this putter, your set up and alignment will become automatic.

  • Q.Where do you ship?

    A.It can ship all over the world. To this point in time we have shipped this putter to, Australia, NZ, Europe, UK, Canada and all throughout USA

  • Q.Does it come left handed?

    A.Yes. Please select your configuration on the next page.

  • Q.What currency is payment in?

    A.All pricing is in USD unless otherwise specified.

  • Q.What is this difference between the 747 and original PLX?

    A.The 747 is the very latest version and offers enhanced balance and feel off the face. The PLX is a more traditional blade type putter for those who don’t like the mallet look and feel. Both putters come left and right handed. You have the option to purchase both putters (for special price) on this page.

  • Q.Where does the Dot Putter ship from?

    A.We have distribution points from USA and Australia

Email from Optometrist

I am an Optometrist and play off a handicap of 2. I am now 49 so a small amount of astigmatism in my right eye has now started to emerge. Likely it has been there all my life but as I have passed the magic 45 years of age now it effects are now more apparent.

The Yes putter I have used for 10 years now seems to be aligned at about 0.7 degrees open when I view a straight putt.

So I was faced with 2 options:

Get glasses to correct the right eye.
Find a putter that improved the alignment for me. 

For those golfers faced with the same situation (young & old) you may wish to let them know that spectacle lenses, even low strength, will cause objects to be slightly smaller or enlarged and the astigmatism correction will very slightly stretch things.

Now if you wear glasses all the time your brain will re-calibrate to a degree. If you wear them infrequently (e.g. golf only) you do not have the same degree of familiarity when wearing your spectacles.

Long story short, you may well still struggle to line up your putter even with spectacles. Reading breaks on greens & seeing slopes can be more difficult with part time spectacle ware. In addition the depth perception due to the magnification or minification caused by the spectacle lenses may also be just a little off.

Naturally enough you can go to contact lenses but part time ware also makes this unpleasant.

So the Dot Putter is really a very simple solution for a whole lot of golfers (including younger players) whose eyesight is just slightly effected by small amounts of astigmatism (typically 0.75 D or less) and whose binocular acuity (how they see with both eyes) is still 6/6 when combined. It allows them to use the vision that consider 'normal' yet provides the surety that the putter is being aligned properly.

For those people moving into full time spectacle ware the same applies i.e. you may well find you need assistance with your alignment when wearing your new spectacles. Particularly in the 2-3 weeks after the prescription has just been changed & you are adapting to the changes.

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