A Simpler Approach To Golf Performance

A Simpler Approach To Golf Performance

This is a website for confused, frustrated and fed up golfers.
We make golf success no harder than riding a bike or driving a car.
And our point of difference is we focus on a learning mindset rather than just swing technique.

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A simpler process to better golf

Over the weekend I was chatting to a mate about his golf game. This guy is a complete geek and wanted me to smash him between the eyes with a better process. He didn't want me to hold back and wanted what I think is the best ways for golfing success. As a full...

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Frustrated Golfer’s Guide To Better Golf

I recently sold my 10,000th and last copy of the Golfer's Nightmare book. I've decided to rebrand it because I think the new name is just a little better. The content has gone through a minor update and tweak (but nothing major) because the book is timeless. The...

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Why so many golfers find golf so bloody hard

I received the below from a new client during the week. Hello, I watched your intro video this morning and then went and played 9 holes using the throw club and throw ball ideas. I was blown away by results. They seem completely different swings though and I trust the...

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“Cameron turned my putting from my weakest link into my strongest. Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win pro tournaments”

Aaron Baddeley PGA Tour Star

Here’s What Others Are Saying

I’m so lucky to be a member. There is more value in this discussion on the philosophy on how to play than in 10 hours of golf lessons.

Iain Edwards


You are without a doubt the best golf teacher/coach/instructor/inspirer in the world.


QLD, Australia

“The article is beautiful! … this is a very good reminder that much of what goes wrong in regular sport play really is a matter of chance. Very nice.”

Jeff Simons

Professor of Sports Psychology, Califonia State University

Although I’m new to Cameron’s philosophy, I have found that Automatic Golf really works. If I can disengage my brain from my body, the ball flies true and putts drop in from everywhere.

T.R Sloan