Helping Irritated Golfers Unlock Their Natural Game, Play With More Enthusiasm and Discover Deeply Satisfying Golf

If you can throw and catch a ball you should be playing golf to your full potential

Hello, my name is Cameron Strachan and for the best part of 25 years I have been helping golfers everywhere simplify their golf game and unlock their best performances. And I do this without complicated technical theories or swing changes.

Here’s how this all came about.

Regular type golf instruction failed me. No matter how hard I tried, it made me worse. It was one step forwards and then two back.

Then I discovered what I now call Natural (or Automatic) Learning. This was a departure from all the technical rubbish that I had tried previously.

Cameron Strachan whacking a ball

Better Golf. Less Effort

  • I found my instinctive (and way more powerful) golf swing
  • I was able to take this golf swing to the course and compete with it under pressure (no more choking and stuffing up on the golf course)
  • Golf became a learning vehicle for new discoveries and breakthroughs (can you say FUN?) and way more powerful) golf swing
  • Ultimately there was greater enjoyment and deep satisfaction (it was like being a kid again)
  • Better scores/handicap by default (without needing to think about 127 different things)

If you're interested in dipping your toe into the water and learning more, I recommend you start by reading this little story. It's about putting but the lessons can be applied to all areas of your game.

This provides a great introduction to my ideas and coaching methodology.

[Warning] Automatic Learning is not for everyone

While I would love to help every golfer on the planet, I have long since given up on this idea. Why?

Because not every golfer is ready to embrace the natural learning methodology. The golf instruction world is full of the TECHNICAL way.

Tips. Quick fixes. New theories and a plethora of gadgets and new technology.

And many golfers are stuck on the merry-go-round and are not open to a simpler and natural approach to peak golf performance.

They are blind and the multi-billion dollar golf industry isn’t about to change anytime soon.

But, if any of the following resonates with you, then maybe my ideas can help you;

- You have been playing for many years and are still frustrated/confused/embarrassed you can’t play better

- You have had all the lessons, tried all the theories and watched all sorts of instructional videos but still don’t know how to effectively get the ball from Point A to Point B

- You love golf and know you have more potential and ability than your inconsistent performances show

- You are NOT a beginner. You have years of experience but are horribly inconsistent

- You want to be in charge of your game and are prepared to walk your own path and NOT be reliant on someone telling you how to play

If any of this sounds like you and you’re not offended by some straight-talk, then please check out this starter.

Click here for intro into Automatic Learning