Advanced Thoughts On Playing With a Draw or Fade

Draw or Fade - Advanced Thoughts

If you have a wicked slice or hook you'll need to push yourself to rid yourself of that shot. And it might even mean you'll have to severely exaggerate things to allow learning to take place...

... because if you don't push yourself then you'll only ever scratch the surface of what's possible. And let me tell you, from 20+ years experience in coaching others, is most don't ever push themselves far enough.

Change can be hard and many don't go far enough. But there's something else you need to be aware of.

There's nothing wrong with using the "law of exaggeration" to learn new shots. In some instances it's the only way to make a leap and get progress.

Normally, at some point, you'll need to stop the exaggeration otherwise you'll go too far the other way. And once this happens, any benefit can be lost.

In this video I want to show you how to bring things back to a more neutral path with respects to learning to hit a fade or draw. When you get to this level your game can go to an entirely new level:

  • Your golf swing remains "almost" the same
  • You can hit new shots at will by only manipulating the club face slightly
  • No need for radical swing changes or theories
  • One swing = many types of ball flights
  • Leads to confidence and consistency (because you've only really got one swing to learn)

This is the beauty of using my FSP device. It takes a lot of the thinking out of learning a better golf swing. The heavy lifting is done by your learning system and this is exactly how it should be.

Too many of us lose the plot because we think we need to control all parts of the swing. We don't.

If nothing else, the ideas in this video should be explored so we can see how to hit different shots with only minor changes. No need to throw the kitchen sink and overload our system.

If your ball striking isn't as consistent as you'd like then please consider my FSP Swing Trainer. It allows you to work on your golf swing from home and I promise it won't confuse and annoy you. It makes learning proper swing mechanics as easy as possible.

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