John & Matt

John and Matt are similar looking golfers. They are the same age and have the same athletic ability.

Difference is John doesn't putt anywhere near as well as he should. Matt on the other hand is all over success.

John uses a more traditional TECHNIQUE approach while Matt only cares about a LEARNING approach. Check out the image for more.

If you find putting difficult and you're always being let down by missed putts and three-putting, then I can almost be sure, that you're caught up in the technical approach.

The issue here is that, my research suggests, that only a small fraction of golfers (around 2%) can make all the technique work for them. For everyone else, you need a different approach.

Traditional (technique based teaching) golf doesn't work for all. It's a minefield of conflicting advice and ever complicated theories and opinions. And if you've ever tried, and failed, with those ideas, then the chances are you don't learn that way.

And here's something else that's profound: With normal type teaching, the very thing you're doing to avoid the disappointment (changing putters, fixing your technique, trying lots of new stuff etc) is the exact thing causing you all the pain.

It's a nightmare of one step forward and two (or 3, 4 or 5) backwards. And this is why you can be putting quite well and then fall into a slump. With all those ideas running around in your head, it's simply not possible to sustain your peak performance.

So you shut down. You short-circuit. And this shows up as a yip or flinch. A three putt. A four putt. Or a horrible and uncomfortable feeling each time you take your putter from your bag.

It's also why, seemingly talented golfers, who can smash the ball with awesome power and hit all sorts of brilliant (lofted) shots can't get the ball into the hole from three feet with their putter!

And the killer blow here is, the harder these "talented" golfers try, the worse they become.

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