YES Cameron! I'd love to order your ChipMaster Pro device. I can't wait to learn how to hit crisp, clean and spinning chips shots, just like the pros. I also can't wait to get my chipping technique to the subconscious level. I'm getting ready to have way more confidence with my game and take these scoring shots to a brand new level.

I understand this is a special offer and this great deal can finish at anytime. I also understand that I get instant access to your Chipping Academy (online training).

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You've made a great decision!

My ChipMaster Pro training tool has been specifically created to help you learn a way better chipping game. You'll discover how to hit those spinning and crisp chip shots, just like the pros. And best of all, the learning will happen at the instinctive level, so changes are permanent. You'll also get immediate access to my brand new Chipping Academy.


  • Q.So what does the ChipMaster Pro do?

    A.It helps you learn proper chipping technique without you needing to remember 127 things. Learning happens at the subconscious level so change is permanent.

  • Q.Will it damage my club?

    A.No, it’s made from a lightweight (but really strong) plastic. It won’t damage you or your club.

  • Q.How does it work?

    A.It works because it gives you instant feedback. The little jolt you receive from hitting the lip, will let your learning system go to work.

  • Q.What shots can I hit from it?

    A.It is for chipping and small pitch shots only. Please do not hit full shots from this device. It hasn’t been made for it.

  • Q.I'm a teaching professional, is this good for my students?

    A.You bet it is! It’s ideal for helping golfers learn the mechanics of chipping. The instant feedback really separates this from any other chipping device.

  • Q.What is the Chipping Academy?

    A.This is my online course for better chipping. You get immediate access to my deeper thoughts and training on maximising your short game ability.

  • Q.Is there a guarantee?

    A.Yes, everything is fully guaranteed. Cameron is wearing all the risk because he feels so strongly that many golfers need help with chipping.

  • Q.Where do you post this device?

    A.We ship all over the world.

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  • Q.Do you have any more info on this product?

    A.Yes, you can view a more detailed training and explainer video over here.

  • Q.What currency is the payment in?

    A.All payments are in USD

  • Q.I have previously see training golf balls as part of this package, are they still available?

    A.Sadly no. The golf balls have become very difficult to source and as a result are no longer available.