UPDATE: I have been updating my Member Platform in 2022 and slowly moving my products over. Look & Shoot has been totally revamped and you can get the NEW version of it by clicking here. This older platform is still being supported but its days are limited.

Welcome, please enter your details to access your premium (paid) product(s). Almost all of my golf learning products are electronic and you’ll need to get your username (your email address) and your password to gain access. Your login credentials are emailed to you automatically at conclusion of the checkout process.

Note: You do not need to create an account. Your account is created automatically when you place an order through the system. If you haven’t received login credentials or you’re struggling to log in, the main reasons are below. Also, if you purchase another item at another time and use the same email address, your access details will remain the same.

Due to some suspicious activities, we are requiring a password reset.

When you enter email and click on reset password, you will receive a reset password link in the email. Please click on it to reset your password.

Having Trouble Logging In?

These are the main reasons why you will be having trouble logging in and can’t access the premium content.

1. You haven’t yet received your login credentials into your email. Please note: It can take around 10 minutes for the email to arrive and sometimes the welcome email will hide in your junk and spam folder. Please check your spam/junk folder before contacting support.

2. If you can’t find the welcome email, you may have typed your email incorrectly during purchase phase. This is happening about once per day and this is almost certainly the case if you have received zero notifications from me (like receipt of purchase email) Please see below for how to rectify this situation.

3. You are not entering the password exactly has shown. It must be entered exactly (you can change the password to something memorable after you login) and the password is case-sensitive.

3b. You are not using the same email address that was used at order. Please check to ensure you are using the correct email address. (this is becoming more of an issue with more and more peeps using multiple email addresses)

4. If you are seeing a message about already being logged in, you can click here to reset the page.

5. If you’ve lost or forgotten your password, please use the “forgot password” link and your password will be resent to you. Please note, sometimes this email will hide in your junk or spam folder. You can change your password once logged in.

Note: If you try too many times with a wrong password, the system will lock you out. This can be rectified with by letting us know here.

6. There have been some issues for those using older devices and/or browsers. My IT team recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers. For some reason, there have been issues with Safari and Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer, especially older versions, has become more problematic.

7. There are known issues with some Paypal payments not being authorized. For some reason, despite our best efforts, not all Paypal payments are going through. If you have not received notification and you paid with Paypal, then please check your Paypal account to see if order has processed.

7b. In some rare instances, some credit card payments don’t process straight away. This is a credit card security feature, but unlike Paypal, the issue can be rectified quickly. Please contact us if you think your order has been delayed in anyway.

8. If you are still having issues, or you think you may have entered the wrong email address at order, please contact me through the form here. My team or I will get back to you really quickly. Simply tell us you’ve purchased a product and are having trouble logging in and we’ll update your email address or fix the issue.

Note: All login activity is monitored and sharing of login credentials with others may see your account being locked.