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Please check out my Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions below .

Updated November 2021

By visiting/using or making a purchase from my website(s) you are agreeing to my terms of service and refund policy (see below). If you are unsure about anything please contact me.

Hey there! I take your privacy seriously and every effort is made to ensure your details are safe. Please see below for more.

All payments are in USD unless otherwise stated. All pricing includes relevant taxes and charges unless otherwise stated.

  • I don’t rent, sell or give away your contact details to anybody. I’ve never done this and I never will. This is something I take very seriously.
  • I only send you information you requested – I don’t send irrelevant or dodgy promotions. You only receive information that’s of interest to you. If you’ve ordered products from me, I will send you relevant information about that product (like how to access the information and coaching ideas based on your purchase and follow up lessons. The follow up lessons typically come as a bonus to your original purchase).
  • I only promote and endorse products that I use myself. I don’t ever chase a fast buck by offering gimmicky products. This is something I take very seriously and I have never deviated from. While it would be easy to promote all offers that come my way, I don’t even think about most of them. I will also promote new books/products I bring to market based on your previous purchases.
  • You can unsubscribe at anytime from my email list. There is a link at the bottom of each email – if you don’t want to hear from me then you can pull the pin anytime you want. You can email or call me to ask for removal. If you don’t know how to unsubscribe, please us the form located over contact here.
  • The information contained on the Automatic Golf websites is not a quick fix or some sort of miracle cure. It’s based on how we learn other skills (like walking or throwing a ball). While the learning strategies are simple, you need to work at it to see improvement. Bottom line? I don’t offer quick fixes, miracle cures or some other black magic. And you will need to practice the concepts to get full benefit.
  • Feel free to email with any questions. In most cases I answer the emails myself but due to a large number of emails I can’t guarantee a response.
  • There is no obligation or pressure to purchase any of the products listed on my sites. But I do sell golf stuff – physical items, electronic products and other premium content.
  • I do make product offerings from time to time but there’s no obligation to buy anything. I repeated myself from the above point, but I want to make this very clear. If receiving email promotions about my products is likely to offend, then please unsubscribe.
  • I do track webpages with Google tracking and Facebook pixels to learn more about user and market behaviour. Google or Facebook may place tracking cookies for this purpose on your hard drive. At no point is personal information collected or stored.
  • I may also use re-targeting options to share other offerings/content/products based on your activity.
  • I may use any correspondence you send me, emails or letters etc, as blog content or other marketing material. Please notify me if you have any questions about this or you don’t want your info to be used.
  • Due to a high volume of email I receive, there are no guarantees I will respond to all emails sent. I do my best to get back to everyone, but I can’t guarantee it.
  • This website, has taken my security to a brand new level. The site is monitored for hackers and other scammers 24/7. I have taken all sorts of steps to ensure maximum safety and security. is used purely to showcase content and act as an intermediary website between my shopping cart. You can view my main website here.

Who I share your data with:
I use a third party shopping cart called ThriveCart. This is a safe and secure shopping cart and any payments are processed through Paypal or Stripe – please understand that any credit card information is encrypted and processed by their highly secure payment processors. As far as I can tell, all parties take privacy and security as seriously as I do.

I use an email software called Active Campaign. Sometimes, but not always, when you sign up for a free or paid product, you may be added to a mailing list managed at Active Campaign. This mailing list is used to send you information about my products and services, discounts and special offers, occasional promotional emails, news and announcements, and other relevant emails. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email sent. You may also use the unsubscribe link to modify your email preference(s).

Agreeing to my Privacy Policy
By using my site(s), you agree to me using your data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. There are certain services that I may not be able to provide if you do not choose to provide relevant information. When asked to provide certain personal information you may decline, but where such is necessary to provide a service or feature, your use of that service or feature may be restricted as a result. For example, if you don’t want to provide an email address I will be unable to send you access details to a premium product stored on a private membership site. And, almost always, the shopping cart requires an email address for payment (and therefore access) to go through.

Incorrect Email: If you enter an incorrect email at the time of order, there is no way for the system to send you login credentials. Please take the time to ensure your email is correct, otherwise this will slow down the time it takes for you to receive your purchase(s).

Shipping: If you order a physical product from me in almost all cases it will ship same day or at the latest, next business day. Shipping times vary but usually products arrive within 2-4 days (Australia). If your product hasn’t arrived within a week then please contact me. If you choose a “Premium” shipping option then the item will ship same day and be sent express (where possible and if you order before 2pm). If you live outside of Australia, then shipping times can vary greatly, sometimes, up to 21 days. Please note, I use third party companies to deliver physical products but where possible, I will provide a tracking number (via email).

Purchase Security: In 2017 I updated to a super secure and safe shopping cart called Thrivecart (see and my websites are monitored by a professional service who check for hackers, bugs and suspicious activity 24/7. The bottom line is I have created systems that ensure your data is as secure as possible.

Digital Product Refund Policy – includes all ebooks and training courses. (updated November 2021): All refund requests are viewed on a case-by-case basis within 3-5 working days. There is a strict 14 day refund policy on the purchase of any e-book or digital course. There is an immediate refund for those who purchase an ebook (or course) and for whatever reason, can’t/don’t login . The system detects all successful login entries so if you login, download/consume the content then the following applies.

Update: The refund applies to the main component of your purchase only and the conditions include, but not limited to the following;

– I reserve the right to refuse any refund requests for any suspicious or fraudulent behaviour (this includes, sharing your login credentials and/or purchasing and then immediately asking for a refund). Note: All login activity is tracked.

– I reserve the right to question you about your refund request and offer assistance before a refund will be offered.

– If you purchase multiple products at checkout and then ask for a refund on all items. Your refund request is on the e-book/course component of your purchase only. In other words, your refund request will only apply to the main item you purchased

– Any refund requests outside of 14 days will not be considered

– If you lose or misplace the digital file(s) on your device this is not a reason for a refund. You can always log back in and download items again. If you have any problems logging you can contact me here.

– If you make a purchase and don’t legitimately put the ideas in the book(s)/course(s) into practice. (for example, you purchase the book, read the book and simply ask for a refund)

– If you refuse any assistance offered.

– If your excuse for a refund is, “it’s not what I expected” then you will be asked, “what were you expecting?” In fairness, the concepts of the ebooks/courses are laid out on their respective sales pages. So please read carefully before purchasing.

– If your excuse for a refund is “This is not for me” then you will be asked, “what is for you?”.

Simply, I am happy to honour all legitimate refund requests inside the 14 days for those that try the concepts but can’t get them to work (but I reserve the right to help you first). If you are unsure of the refund policy then please consider your purchase carefully.

Physical Item Refund: There are the usual consumer protection warranties in place for defective items. Simply, if you receive a physical item from me and it’s broken or defective in some way, please notify me right away and the item will be replaced at no charge. I do not offer guarantees on physical items with respect to your golfing performance – i.e. if you open and use the item, there is no refund possible. This refund policy covers the Dot Putter, Swing Trainer, ChipMaster Pro, other training aides and other physical items. Any refund offered does not include any shipping charges. Shipping charges may be deducted from any refund claim. All physical items will need to be shipped back to me at YOUR cost.

If you receive a physical item and are not sure about it then please consider the following:

a. do not open or use the product

b. email me immediately and notify me of your concern

c. post the item back to me (I will send you the postal address)

d. a refund will be issued (less any freight costs incurred by me) once item has been safely returned

e. if the item has been used or damaged this may affect the refund amount

Access to paid digital content: Unless otherwise stated, content is stored on a private and secure private online portal. You can access this portal hereIf you can’t remember your password, please use the “forgot password” feature. There are other instructions on this page to walk you through any issues you may be having. If you use an incorrect email address at the time of order this will cause delays in you being able to access the content. Note: Please take the time to ensure your email address is correct when ordering.

No Access To Order: Sometimes, through no fault of anyone, your order will not be authorised by the payment gateway. The shopping cart software won’t recognised your order and no money has transferred. These situations are quite rare and can be rectified by emailing your concern/situation to

Pricing: In some instances you may see price points that are higher than advertised. This can be due to the following reasons;

– you have landed on an older page and/or pricing has been updated

– the shopping cart has pre selected a higher priced item (eg. The video version of ebook has been selected. In this case, you are able to select the e-book only version)

– all pricing/currency is in United States Dollars unless otherwise mentioned.

If you have any questions, please contact me via this page.

Sharing of content: Access to paid content is for personal use only. You are not permitted to share the content to any other parties. The content portal tracks your IP address and any sharing of username/passwords and/or content may see your access credentials blocked.

If you email me or post content on my social media:

I may use any information you send me, via any form, including, but not limited to, email, social media comments/posts, text messages etc in my marketing materials. This can be in the form of testimonials, posts on my social media and email broadcasts to my list. I will never divulge personal information like your email address or phone number.

Business Information:

Auscreations P/L trading as Golf Marketing Services
33 Freyling Road
Hodgson Vale

That’s about it from me. If you have any questions or concerns please direct them through this page. You can read about my golf coaching philosophy here.