Products by Automatic Golf

Look & Shoot Putting System

Get the complete Look & Shoot Online Training Course: this is a comprehensive training portal that takes you through the full process of unlocking your true authentic putting game. Ideal for frustrated golfers who can't putt as well as they know they should. >> Order Now

BioSwing & Golf Drive Secrets

This is a combination of 3 products. You get access to BioSwing, the golf swing of the future e-book and video, BioSwing Secrets and Billion Dollar Drive. This information comes to you as part of a major biomechanical research into the golf swing that was then expertly translated into a usable swing model. Learn a simpler and more powerful golf swing, discover the amazing training drills that allow you to take your swing to the course and finally, discover the learning secrets for becoming a better driver of the golf ball >> Learn More

Automatic Golf Reboot Express

Get your attitude, mindset and mental skills in the right place. Contains 30 of the best golf lessons for rebooting your attitude so you can unlock your best version of your own golf game >> Learn More

Automatic Golf Fast Start Training Program

Get the inside scoop into all this automatic (and natural) learning applied to golf. This little training platform comes with 3 x ebooks, case study videos and other coaching insights. It's the perfect product to dip your toe into the water and unlock your hidden golfing genius.   >> Learn More

FSP Trainer

The FSP Swing Trainer helps you learn the magic behind the Flat Spot Principle. This is the biomechanical principle that allows you to hit longer and straighter shots without needing to think about 127 different things each time you play.  >> Learn More

The Dot Putter

Cameron refers to this putter as the Automatic Putter. It has a unique alignment system that allows you to achieve two key things.

1. Get aligned more easily
2. Get aligned consistently the same time after time

So, there's less stuffing around worrying about your alignment. You'll have more focus and energy to roll the ball towards (and into) the hole. >> Learn More

ChipMaster Pro

This amazing little device will have you chipping with more confidence in no time. Learn the art of hitting clean, crisp and spinning chip shots just like the pros. Comes with bonus material and training videos >> Learn More