YES Cameron! I'd love to order your Drive Launcher device. I can't wait to learn how to take advantage of the Flat Spot Principle and learn how to hit longer, higher and more consistent drives. I also can't wait to take advantage of the latest in learning science and learn to take my game from the practice fairway to the first tee.

I understand this is a special offer and this great deal can finish at anytime. I also understand that I will get immediate access to your Golf Driving Academy and this normally sells for $97

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My Drive Launcher training tool has been created to help you learn a better golf drive. More specifically, you can learn a better golf drive from home, without needing to buy new clubs or go through swing changes. With this tool, the learning happens more naturally and you'll make significant changes way more quickly. You'll also get immediate access to my brand new Golf Driving Academy.


  • Q.What Does The Drive Launcher do?

    A.It helps you learn the optimal impact position (like hitting the sweet spot and having the ideal angle of attack) without needing to remember lots of technical thoughts.

  • Q.Will it damage my club?

    A.No, it’s made from a lightweight (but really strong) foam. It won’t damage you or your club in any way.

  • Q.How does it work?

    A.It works because it gives you instant feedback. When you strike the device you know that something wasn’t quite right. Then you go again, getting a little bit better each time. After a few weeks, you’ll certainly have a better swing and present the clubface squarely into the back of the ball.

  • Q.Can I hit balls from it?

    A.No. It’s not designed for that. You should focus fully on your swing when using it, and then jump off and hit balls after. This truly is the best way.

  • Q.I'm a teaching professional, is this good for my students?

    A.You bet it is! It’s ideal for helping golfers learn the mechanics of the swing. The instant feedback really separates this from any other teaching device.

  • Q.What is the Golf Driving Academy?

    A.This is my online course for better driving. You get immediate access to my deeper thoughts and training on maximising your long game.

  • Q.Is there a guarantee?

    A.Yes, everything is fully guaranteed. Cameron is wearing all the risk because he feels so strongly that many golfers need help with their driving game.

  • Q.Where do you post this device?

    A.We ship all over the world. As long as you have a physical address we have you covered.

  • Q.Do you have any more info on this product?

    A.Yes, you can view a more detailed training and explainer video over here.