Controversial Golf Book That Cuts The Garbage & Gets To The Heart Of Golf Improvement (The actual science of learning)

If you're frustrated, confused and just plain fed up with trying to improve your golf game, then Secret Confessions of a Rogue Golf Coach can help you get your game back on track. This book gets to the heart of why many golfers can't get the "technical" approach to work for them and highlights why the "learning" can be so much better.


What You Will Learn With This Book

The most important step any golfer will learn is how to unleash their true authentic golf swing. From here anything is possible. Sadly, most conventional wisdom inhibits learning and makes the game too hard.

It’s time to make golf simpler. All the swing instruction, tips and tricks are almost certainly making golf harder than it needs to be.

Most golf instruction doesn’t allow you to play your best golf. Why? Because when it comes to the crunch there’s never enough guidance on HOW to take your game from the practice ground to the first tee.

Plus, my research suggests that only a small percentage of golfers can actually make all the technical stuff work for them (only 2%)

But it gets worse, because much of the mainstream instruction is created by those "lucky" golfers who are in the 2%. This is not great news for around 98% of golfers.

When one starts using a learning model of a technical one, all sorts of good things start to happen.

  • More confidence
  • Greater enjoyment
  • Deeper satisfaction
  • Better golf swing (naturally)
  • Improved scores and handicap - by deafult

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

You get immediate access to a PDF document that can be viewed on all devices from anywhere in the world.

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Over 40K words delivered on your favourite device. Read it anywhere at anytime. The PDF document has been optimized for download and online reading.

"This book will have you jumping out of your skin"

This is powerful information that WILL help you play better golf. It goes way deeper into a learning methodology and helps you break free from the rut of technical instruction. It's ideal for any golfer who has tried "everything" but failed to play their best.

Secret Confessions of a Rogue Golf Coach is a 40K+ word e-book on the art and science of learning. It's an easy reading book that has been written to challenge and inspire you to take action. Most of all, I want to show you HOW you can play YOUR game and deliver your best golf time after time. It's absolutely essential reading for any golfer stuck in a rut.