Automatic Golf Inner Circle FAQ

  • q-iconHow is this program delivered?

    It is 100% online. You get immediate access via a private online portal. Access credentials are sent to your inbox right after your purchase.

  • q-iconCan I get a hardcopy version?

    Sorry no. The content is all electronic and is presented in video, audio and the written word. There is no physical copy available at this time.

  • q-iconDoes this program work?

    Yes. It is based on real-world learning principles that get to the heart of peak performance. The information is based on a major study into the biomechanics of the swing and then blended with natural learning principles. This makes learning no harder than riding a bike or driving a car.

  • q-iconWhat makes this program so different from other instructions?

    The information is based on a learning methodology rather than a technical one. So much of traditional golf teaching is based on technique, technique and more technique. Sadly, this model doesn’t work for everyone.

    When a learning model is used you can’t help but get better. You in fact, create a closed feedback loop where you get a little bit better each time you play. This means you can be significantly better in 1-3 months.

  • q-iconWhy haven't I heard of you?

    I like to fly under the radar. I have spent the best part of the last 15 years honing my message and getting really really good at coaching it. I’m not interested in getting 1 million followers on social media or chasing the pros around the globe.

    My mission is to help golfers everywhere break free from the frustration that is regular instruction and adopt a learning mindset instead. From here, almost anything is possible.

  • q-iconSurely my golf swing is important too?

    It is. But it’s not everything. A huge part of my coaching is learning to see golf as one big happy system. This means all parts of the game need equal attention.

    I have entire module dedicated to learning a simpler and better golf swing. And most importantly of all, I’m going to show you how to take that swing to the golf course.

  • q-iconMy instincts for golf are no good, will this work for me?

    Yes. And I can say this with confidence because all humans have the same capacity to learn. We are learning machines and Automatic Golf will tie in with your natural learning system.

    So, while you may not find playing golf that natural, you will enjoy the process of letting your learning system guide you.

  • q-iconCan you play using your own system?

    Yes. I have played to scratch or better for 20+ years. And I have done this by ignoring all traditional teaching. I haven’t taken lessons for years, I don’t need to practice that much (never use the driving range) and I’m not likely to change clubs or buy into most of that hype.

    I have truly simplified my game and can’t wait to show you the same principles.

  • q-iconWhat currency is this in?

    All pricing is in Australian dollars.

  • q-iconIs your payment processor secure?

    Yes. I use one of the safest and best shopping carts in the world. Your details are 100% safe with me.

  • q-iconI need help with my putting game, can you help me?

    Yes. There is an entire module on how to putt your best. And it’s so simple and easy you can make huge gains very quickly.

  • q-iconI have issues with my mental game, can this help me?

    Yes. To be fair, most golfers are in the same boat. There is so much poor instruction and myths prevalent, that poor golfers everywhere have little or no clue on the ideal mental skill required.

    A huge key for you to be successful is a change in attitude. This is the first step, and once made, it becomes infinitely easier to play your best.

  • q-iconHow many shots will I drop my handicap by?

    This is really up to you. I tend to get away from this thinking and instead, get you to focus on learning and playing in a way that suits you. From here, you may surprise yourself at your level of success.

  • q-iconI just want to hit the ball further, will you help me?

    Maybe, maybe not. Golf is way more than just hitting the ball further. This old thinking and probably not helping you that much. When you learn to play free from ego and fear, you’ll most likely gain a few yards. But, there is a whole world of opportunity open to you that makes golf far more interesting than just long drives.

  • q-iconCan this help me play more consistently?

    Absolutely! This is why a learning mindset works so well. When you start working with your learning system your game will thrive. And what’s not understood by most, once you lock into this, it’s hard to unlearn your golfing skills.

    hint: your best game will present itself more of the time.

  • q-iconI keep choking on the golf course, can you help me?

    Yes. And this is the reason I first got into all this golf coaching stuff. I was lost at sea and couldn’t ever play my best when it counted. I am going to show you WHY you have struggled in the past and then show you HOW to actually play your best. This makes golf the best sport in the world.