YES Cameron! I'd like to purchase your Automatic Golf Reboot Training and start on a journey of mental strength and domination. I no longer want to be held back by nerves, fear and self-doubt. I understand, that for me to excel, I need to use my mind and learning system to its fullest potential.

I understand this is a special offer and this great deal can finish at anytime and the normal price is going to rise to over $500 any day now.

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My Automatic Golf Reboot program will walk you step by step to mental mastery. No longer will your golf game be riddled with fear or self doubt. But rather, you'll have the inner confidence to play the golf of your dreams and unlock that game you know you're capable of. Best of all, the lessons will help you unlock your best golf game without needing to artificially change your golf swing. You'll be able to bring YOUR best game to the course way more of the time.


  • Q.So what actually is Automatic Golf Reboot

    A.It’s my best lessons on mental, mindset and attitude training dripped fed to you over a 6 week period. It’s all about helping you to find your natural golf swing, learning how to get Reward for Effort and playing your best golf under pressure.

  • Q.How is the content delivered?

    A.The lessons are short and sharp and come in a text and audio form. The idea is you can consume the info quickly and apply it immediately.

  • Q.How many lessons are there?

    A.There are 31 lessons at this point. I am adjusting them to suit and based on the feedback I receive. I have also been juggling the order they come to you and this may change in the future. I have also included some bonus lessons that aide in the process of developing mental strength and skill.

  • Q.What are the audios about?

    A.They are a simple mp3 format of around 3-6 minutes. Again, they are short and to the point. I have received a lot of positive feedback on my audios (I once did 100 over 100 days) and decided to do more again.

  • Q.How is the content best consumed?

    A.I have created it so you can read/listen on your smart phone. The information is stored on a private webpage and the content is dripped fed to you over the 6 week period. But you can consume content on any device, phone, tablet or PC.

  • Q.Why is the content drip fed?

    A.I have found this is the very best way to ensure the lessons sink in. This is not an information dump. I have over 400 lessons I could have included here and only added the ones that are most important. This list may change in time but you’ll have 12 months to consume all the content/lessons.

  • Q.What are the bonus materials?

    A.This is being updated at the moment. Just let me say, the list and quality of the content will impress.

  • Q.Can I get hardcopy of Automatic Golf Reboot?

    A.This content is unique and can only be delivered electronically. It is best consumed via mobile or tablet device.

What People Are Saying

Your automatic simple reprogramming is a blessing, especially for frustrated golfers.
It has given me more consciousness and allowed the natural instinct to play golf with the adequate technique.
Thanks to you I have improved my skills and waisted less time on ridiculous swing adjustments that are maybe only applicable to professionals.
I now thoroughly enjoy the game and look forward to each round.
If one day there is a hall of fame for teaching golf" Strachan the Gooroo"should have a gold statue.
The game is a tremendous leisure and pleasure game and putting a smile on golfers faces is an achievement.

Stefan De Senger, Sweden

I love the simplicity and structure of each lesson. Being drip fed helps it sink in deeper each lesson. Mostly the idea of keeping it simple has been applied to this method of getting your game back.

The content is deep, but certainly fantastic. It's not generic, it's nothing like you'll ever get from any other golf instruction. It gets straight to the point with no bullshit. I've applied it and went from frustration to enjoyment, with a two stroke drop in scores so far using this program.

Most of all it simply works. One of his lessons is a real treat, and brought me to the realization that I have way more potential than my current scores show. I've taken at least two shots off already.

I'd suggest this program to anyone serious about golf.

Keep it going Cameron, you're making the golf world better with your knowledge.

Adam Martin, USA

Hi Cam,
I got my Mojo back yesterday.
Concentrated on the ball and where it was going and timing.
Hit most of the fairways and a lot of the greens with power and knowledge.
All in all it was the best I have played for years.. about 12 over.
I hope you're making a motza out of this.

Phil Bowden, QLD, Australia