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YES Cameron! I'd like to purchase your Golf Swing Trainer device (with bonus Drive Launcher) and start learning to optimize my swing with a longer flat spot right away. I now know that the FSP is the Holy Grail of golf instruction and I'm ready to take advantage of it.

I understand this is a special offer and this great deal can finish at anytime.

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My Swing Trainer is the world's only golf training aid that forces you (in the nicest way possible) to achieve the Flat Spot Principle (FSP). The FSP was discovered, by some of the smartest sports scientists on the planet, to be the most important golf swing fundamental ever.

With this tool (and the Drive Launcher) your golf swing mechanics have now been taken care of. You'll start to discover consistency, accuracy and raw power like you've never had before. In most cases your items will ship same day and arrive within 2-7 working days (shipping times can vary).