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YES Cameron! I'd like to purchase your Golf Swing Trainer device and start learning to optimize my swing with a longer flat spot right away. I now know that the FSP is the Holy Grail of golf instruction and I'm ready to take advantage of it.

I understand this is a special offer and this great deal can finish at anytime.

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My Swing Trainer is the world's only golf training aid that forces you (in the nicest way possible) to achieve the Flat Spot Principle (FSP). The FSP was discovered, by some of the smartest sports scientists on the planet, to be the most important golf swing fundamental ever.

With the Swing Trainer your golf swing mechanics have now been taken care of. You'll start to discover consistency, accuracy and raw power like you've never had before. In most cases your items will ship same day and arrive within 2-7 working days (shipping times can vary).

Hi Cameron I've been trying out your Swing Trainer and with my lower back issues I'm now swinging the club without over doing it.

It has given me back the game I love! Cameron, I'm absolutely amazed and grateful for helping me back into golf - I've not played for six years. But now, with the help of this Swing Trainer, I'm targeting weekend comp and have the confidence to do so.

Once again thank you for creating the swing trainer I think this is the best practice trainer out there

From your newest student, Shaun Pedersen

Shaun Pedersen, Victoria, Australia
  • Q.What is the Flat Spot Principle?

    A.We refer to this as the Holy Grail of golf instruction. It occurs when the clubhead and clubface work together through the impact zone.

  • Q.What is the Drive Launcher?

    A.This is the Cameron’s training tool that works specifically to enhance your flat spot with your driving club. Works with all modern drivers and it forces you to hit the ball higher into the air with less backspin. This increases carry and roll and is exactly what those long drive champs are trying to do.

  • Q.Where do you ship?

    A.We ship to all parts of the planet. If you have a physical address, the chances are we can get it to you.

  • Q.Does it work for lefties?

    A.Yes. Absolutely. Works for all golfers.

  • Q.Can I hit balls from it?

    A.No. And in fact, you don’t want to hit balls from this device because this will defeat the purpose. This is a Swing Trainer and when you are using this device you want to focus on your swing. If you are hitting balls at the same time, this will cause major distractions. And when a golfer is distracted, they are not learning, but only getting exercise.

  • Q.What about those other types of swing tools that look similar?

    A.Most of them are cheap copies. They have not been designed to achieve the FSP and will not work that well. They are much lower quality, especially in terms of the sponges and the functionality of them.

  • Q.What currency?

    A.This is a special offer in AUD (Australian Dollars)

  • Q.Will this device help with my slice (or hook)?

    A.Yes. Absolutely. Not only will it help with these problem shots, you’ll learn to correct these faults at the subconscious level.

  • Q.What is the short game toolkit?

    A.You get Cameron’s all-time favourite training aide, the ChipMaster Pro, some amazing practice golf balls and access to some special training videos.

  • Q.How long does delivery take?

    A.Somewhere between 2 – 10 days on average. Some guidelines:

    Australia: 2-4 days
    USA: 5-7 days
    UK/Europe: 7-9 days
    NZ: 3-5 days

    Shipping times can vary. All items are posted within one business day from our Australian warehouse.