Swing Trainer Info Video

See the FSP Swing Trainer In Action

Please Note: New Swing Trainer Available Soon + the new device has been upgraded from the one featured in the video (but works in the same way as shown)

Here's Just Some of What the FSP Swing Trainer Can Do For You

  • The only training device that has been specifically designed to increase your swing's flat spot and help you achieve the Flat Spot Principle (FSP)
  • Easily increase power, speed and accuracy in your golf swing
  • Improve golf timing. The hidden secret behind the FSP is feeling like you have more time to hit the ball
  • Works for left and right handers
  • Simple objective based tool that enhances all areas of your golf swing
  • Stop going around in circles with outdated and just plain wrong golf instruction
  • Improve your golf swing in just minutes per day
  • Fix your golf swing WITHOUT needing major golf swing surgery
  • Get instant feedback on your mistakes and learn naturally
  • Simplify your golf swing and the way you approach your game
  • Unlock your natural talent and start swinging the golf club with extra confidence
  • Stop feeling embarassed, confused and downright angry because you don't know what to do. With the Swing Trainer, a better golf swing is learned quickly
  • Minimize pain and stress on your back and joints
  • Gain a mechanical and mental advantage because you'll be working with the natural biomechanics of your body
  • Impress your golfing buddies with a simpler, yet more powerful golf swing
  • Lose that slice (or hook) once and for all
  • Get the proper "feel" of the golf swing without needing long hours at the practice fairway
  • Practice from home/office in only minutes
  • Save time and money by no longer needing, new clubs, range balls, golf lessons or a new golf swing
  • Unlock your natural golf swing and prove to yourself how good you can actually be
  • Leave the confusion and frustration behind forever. Never second guess your golf swing again
  • Swing better under pressure instead of choking and getting tight
  • Let your body move freely instead of forcing it into positions it wasn't meant to go
  • Leave the years of anger and embarrassment in your dust
  • Play the kind of golf you've always dreamed of
  • Develop the presence of mind to be able to deliver the center of the club squarely into the back of the ball time after time
  • Never feel like you don't have the skill or talent to swing the club better
  • Have more focus and success with your practise time
  • Masterfully learn how to shape shots like a pro (a powerfade for example)
  • Stop duffing and hitting your iron shots fat (there's a specific way to use the device that all but eliminates this horrible fault)
  • Never shank the ball again (I'll show you how to set the sponges so the dreaded shanks are gone forever)
  • Learn to play and swing the golf club like you've always known you're capable of

New Swing Trainer Available Soon