Teach others. Yep, it’s simple but this is a golf secret that works like a charm. Here’s why.

When learning new stuff we rarely retain more than 50% of what’s being taught. This can be a best case scenario. A lecture room, where the teacher is talking, you rarely retain more than 5%. Reading something in a book or website you’ll retain 10% if you’re lucky.

These figures may seem really low – but they highlight a flaw in our teaching/learning process. Something that needs serious attention if you ask me.

But there is a way to retain 90% of what you’re taught. And this my friends can have an immediate impact on your golf game. It’s a hidden and unknown secret to improving your golf game.

When you learn something new take a few moments to coach someone. Explain what you learned and demonstrate it. Make mistakes. Activate your concentration and come back to the original source. It’s an awesome way to learn and understand. You’ll also bypass most others who simply read and then forget.

My golf blog has been my greatest golf secret to improving my game. All of the lessons and blog posts I’ve written have helped me become a better player. I now understand the automatic process better than most. There’s a deep understanding – an ownership of the process that makes golf easier and more fun.

And it’s not just me.

Steady speaks regularly with Tribe members. He coaches them and is willing to help out. Grayden writes his own stuff. He takes the time to understand, learn and participate. It’s a small effort but it makes the world of difference and these guys have improved more than most. This is not a coincidence.

So don’t be scared. Take what you learn today and tell someone about it. Write it down. Teach your young son, the kid next door or your dog. When you are forced to teach you activate your learning system. You’ll retain more and gain insight that even the greatest coach couldn’t give you.

This is a true golf secret. My game has improved out of sight because I’ve taken the time to teach others. I love helping out but it’s also the best recipe for my own game. It really is a win-win situation.

Sidenote: I wrote the above in March 2010. How time goes by…

… but the information is still correct today and it will still be correct in 100 years from now. This is a principle of learning – but something not that well understood. I hardly see other coaches/teachers/instructors employ the tactic. Others always seem to just talk, talk and talk some more. They sound smart, but I reckon they’re leaving some retention cash on the table.

They would get far better results, have to work a little less hard and get their student closer to where they want to go.

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