I have been chatting (via email) with a frustrated golfer. Here’s a summary of his message.

“Cameron, I am working hard on my game but I am struggling to take my game to the golf course. My practice form is fantastic, but I am self-destructing on the course. What am I doing wrong?”

This guy is making one of the biggest mistakes with his game. It’s a mistake I made for many years and I see the same error with golfers all over the globe.

What’s the mistake?

He plays golf like he practices.
When he should be practicing like he plays.

Please read that again if it didn’t quite hit the mark.

Take this comment:

“Watched a video talking about keeping the clubhead behind the hands thru to the finish. Again it worked great in the backyard but failed miserably on the course”

Simply, very few golfers (my research suggests around 2% only) can think technique and make it work for them.

And almost nobody can take any sort of technical instruction (no matter how simple) and make it consistently work for them.

The key word here is CONSISTENTLY

We can all have a “lucky” round. But it’s hard to keep it going all the time.

Automatic Golf is different because it gives you a way to think about your swing (and even enhance your swing) without destroying your game in the process.

You’ll learn to practice effectively, so when you get to the golf course, you’ll be able to bring your A game to the surface.

This makes golf more fun. You are getting Reward for Effort and you’ll be able to play way more consistently.

True consistency leads to deeper satisfaction. And this is when golf becomes the greatest sport in the world.

Sadly, most typical golf teaching doesn’t allow you to tap into your full potential. It disrupts your learning system and good golf (like playing your best on the golf course) is a tough battle.

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