Two important processes to understand when it comes to golf practice is:

Frequency and,

Simply, the more you practice golf in a way that’s similar to actually playing golf, the better you’ll do.

In other words, if you stand on the driving range belting ball after ball with your driver to the same target, you are getting frequency, but it’s not that relevant.

This is the main reason I don’t like driving ranges because for the most part you’re getting exercise but not golf improvement.

If you practice with a lot of thoughts about your technique/swing then this is not relevant (because you really can’t play your best with a busy mind)

If you only ever play golf then the chances are you’re not getting enough frequency.

But some of the best golf practice you’ll ever do is on the golf course.

Find a quiet time when there’s not many around and instead of hitting one ball, play 2 or 3 balls to your target.

This way you’re getting frequency with lots of relevancy. It’s a one-two combination that ensures you’re learning at the highest level.

So, if you’re the kind of golfer who struggles to take your game to the first tee and perform when the pressure is on, make your golf practice more relevant and then up the frequency.