I’ve asked 10,000+ golfers what they want to get out of my Look & Shoot Putting book.

The overwhelming response is,


How does one get confidence?

The best way is to appreciate that your inbuilt learning system is more than capable of rolling the ball towards the target.

This means that,

You don’t need to think and analyse every millimeter of your stroke
You don’t need to worry about the line and speed
You don’t need to concern yourself with “am I talented enough?”

Because we all have enough skill and talent to roll the golf ball along the nice green grass.

It’s a fairly easy skill. And a skill that can get better and better over time.

Putting gets hard when we over-complicate and overload. And this kills confidence.

Confidence is a natural (and wonderful) side-effect when we let our learning system do what it does best.

Putt that ball!

I know. I know.

The golf world is full of technical advice and many would have you believe that putting is really hard.

And for many, they can’t let go of all the rules, tips and regulations that they have been using for many years.

Sadly, these golfers rarely putt that well.

If you are looking for confidence then I urge you to start thinking less.

To give your system a break and see what happens when you let your instincts take over.

You might just surprise yourself at how good you really are.

And along the way, you’ll have to learn to play golf with way more CONFIDENCE.

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