I recently sold my 10,000th and last copy of the Golfer’s Nightmare book. I’ve decided to rebrand it because I think the new name is just a little better.

The content has gone through a minor update and tweak (but nothing major) because the book is timeless. The content helps you to see a better path forward and gives you practical ideas to keep out of your way, play with more flair and enthusiasm and generally, makes golf much more simpler.

If you haven’t see my original book, and like the idea of playing more simply (and powerfully) with less stuffing about, I know you’ll get something out of this new version. The book is actually an e-book and is delivered electronically to you. There’s no shipping or postage and you can be reading it in minutes. And there’s a special price for those that act quickly.

You can get a copy right here.

You are about to access the bonus content for your purchase. Here, I am going to reveal some of the most important findings I've gleaned in helping over 10,000 golfers become more automatic with their putting game.

  • how to become automatic on those short putts
  • how to read greens like a magician
  • how to putt your best, even when you're nervous
  • how to avoid the pitfalls of pressure and self-doubt
  • plus more

This page is bonus content and it comes to you at no charge. If you proceed further you are agreeing to my terms and are waiving your right for a refund. If you are unsure, please don't proceed further.

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