The quote in the image came from a putting client of mine.

And I love this kind of thing because it highlights the hidden benefit of my natural learning approach.

Sure, you can take fewer putts and you might even get a way lower score – or even your best score.

But, sometimes, a focus on score (or result) can be short lived. The truth is, you can’t always shoot a record score. Golf can be difficult and some days the ball just won’t go into the hole.

Even the best players on the planet can struggle. They miss putts – even the “easy” ones.

But the odd miss is not a reason to give up. It’s just the way it is and why I am truly appreciative when my clients write to tell me;

I’m excited about putting again

Because, when you can learn to enjoy the process (no matter how well you putt) something truly remarkable can happen.

And that is, you’ll putt better by default. Let me explain.

Enjoyment/fun is all part of the learning process. When we can appreciate the fun factor more than we do the results, you get enhanced results naturally. And yes, you can even have a good time when you don’t score as well as you’d like. Plus,

You don’t need to bust a million brain cells trying to remember all those rules, like;

  • keep your head still
  • rock your shoulders
  • smooth back and through
  • lock your wrists
  • etc

Nope. You can focus on rolling the ball in a way that feels good to you…

… and then get used to the ball finding the hole more of the time.

It’s what I like to call a win-win.

Sadly, too many of the industry don’t appreciate the “fun” thing enough. It’s all rules, tips and technical theories. And it really is no wonder that too many golfers don’t really like putting (or golf).

But, if you’re going to spend 4 or 5 hours chasing that little golf ball around a manicured paddock, you might as well enjoy yourself. Am I right?

Anyway, it’s up to you. Like most things in life, there’s an easy way and a hard way.

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