Dear golfer,

People hate change. We would rather put up with nagging problems rather than do something about it. My biggest problem is paying bills on time. I’m hopeless…I wait until the last minute, until the final notice comes through or even a fine arrives before taking action. It’s quite embarrassing and I’m forever back peddling trying to avoid disconnection threats etc. But I am getting better:)

When it comes to golf, some golfers are too scared to make a change for the better. Sure, they try some quick fix tips from a magazine, change clubs and even have a lesson or two. But they don’t really make an effort to improve their golf game for the better. Their attitude is stuck and no change (improvement) takes place.

This is sad. It seems to me that their golf game dies a slow and ugly death by not improving over 20, 30 or 50+ years of playing. What a waste!

My favourite lesson is to get golfers to play three rounds without thinking about their technique or swing. It sounds easy and it essentially is…but if you always think about your swing (most golfers do) it can be a little scary.

First time to the course you will want to control your game, make sure you hit the ball in play and minimise damage so you don’t embarrass yourself. This thinking is dangerous and has no positive impact on your game. When you let go and start what I call “playing golf” all thoughts of score, feedback and concern are gone.

Three rounds like this can have a profound impact on your golfing life. You may just break free from the golfing doldrums and unlock your natural and instinctive game that IS inside you. After all, if you’ve been playing golf for sometime you must have some idea on how to hit the ball properly.

It never surprises me to hear the success stories of those golfers that have had the courage to do something new. And don’t think that playing more naturally doesn’t require some courage. To stand on the first tee, clear your mind and pull the trigger will place your system under stress and strain it is not used to. Your are putting your faith into your subconscious to hit the ball…not your conscious mind…and this takes courage. And yes, this will be uncomfortable and you will need to fight your conscious mind who will want to revert back to what is comfortable.

But you must stick with it for three rounds…this is the only way. So are you prepared to go through a little short term pain to make a significant improvement? Many golfers can’t do it. They can’t put the fear and self-doubt of three rounds of golf aside to make a change. Their swing almost always will revert back to the ugly and powerless one they have become accustomed to.

What do you want to do? Are you prepared to pull out all stops and take your game to new heights? Or will you just fluff around and stay stagnant? The choice is yours.

I would like to finish off with my one of my favourite quotes;

“Scars are always found on champions, rarely on cowards”

I must go, I have some bills to pay!

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan