How To Play Better Golf by the Weekend

From the desk of:
Cameron Strachan

Author, golf coach, putting expert
Somewhere west of Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Do you leave the golf course feeling frustrated and annoyed?

Are negative swing thoughts (and self-doubt) causing you to overthink your game?

Have you watched countless Youtube videos (and taken lots of lessons) looking for answers, yet still can't find the remedy to fix your inconsistent golf game?

Are you constantly left wondering why your experience isn't translated into better scores?

If any of this resonates with you then the following MAY be the most important message you'll read.


Because I'm going to share an alternative golf learning strategy that simplifies the game of golf. And, along the way you might just unlock the BEST version of your golf game without all the usual bullshit.

This could eliminate everything you're struggling with right now, in as little as a few weeks (the exact timeframe varies so much between golfers I'm reluctant to put a precise timeframe on it)

At the very end of this manifesto (it's around 15 pages) there's an opportunity to join my Advanced Automatic Golf Learning program - I call it Golf Mastery...

... but there's no obligation to do so. First up, I want to share some of my most important discoveries and highlight why your golf game might not be as good as you think it should be.

Let's get stuck into it.

A Huge Issue With Golf Learning (and playing your best)

Studies as early as the 1960's prove the human brain has two hemispheres that function very differently.

The research of psychobiologist and Nobel Prize winner, Roger W. Sperry, concluded that the left side of the brain that responds to logic, sequencing and thinking in words.

Whereas the right side is more creative and responds to rhythm, nonverbal cues and visualization.

In simple terms, the right side of the brain is sporty, but the left hand side is more academic.

So why does your golf pro teach you in a way that doesn't appeal to your sporty side? Why are you told to think of swing plane, wrist cock, body angles and the like?

Now I'm not saying there's no place for logical thinking in golf. You certainly need to think:

from your club and shot selection, to your course management and your overall strategy when you're on the course.

But as soon as it comes to taking the shot, you truly need a process for slowing down the thinking and letting your "sporty" brain take over.

In reality, golf can truly be no harder than
riding a bike, driving a car or throwing a ball...

But the way we’re taught to play the game tends to disrupt our learning system and makes the game too hard. And the harder we try, the worse we tend to become.

Think about it:

How many actions are you focusing on when attempting to hit a golf ball?

It’ll be different for everyone depending on what aspect of the game they’re struggling with, but there are likely 10 things or more you are trying to remember on each swing! 

How about when you’re driving a car, how many actions are you consciously thinking of then? 

(And let’s be honest, when you’re in that driver's seat, the consequences for getting things wrong are potentially life threatening) 

If you’re like me, the actual driving of the car is all happening automatically - while you ponder what to have for your dinner, or what you’re going to be doing with the family that weekend. 

The irony is, you might even be thinking about the changes you need to implement in your golf swing! 

But you’re fine with that. 

Repetition means that you can perform several actions together without giving them any thought. 

So why don’t you take the same approach with golf? 

Rather than the mainstream method of focusing on each and every movement required, before rushing to the golf pro when you start to under-perform, and continuing your ride on the never ending golf merry-go-round of confusion.

In the diagram above, every golfer begins in the middle. 

(I’d recommend you print out the picture and put it somewhere you’ll see it often, as a reminder what’s led to your frustrations when things have gone wrong previously.) 

I envy these people like nobody else. 

They have no knowledge of the game and have an open mind with a willingness to learn.

They accept that they are learning a new skill and things are going to be difficult.. but they stick with it, and soon start to see hints of improvement.

First they’ll struggle to hit the ball.

Then they’ll struggle to get the ball in the air. 

Then they’ll struggle to hit it straight. 

And so on, and so on. 

You know the drill. 

All of these problems can be solved by new golfers on their own, simply by refusing to be beaten. 

It’s not long before these golfers get to a level where they decide to have a lesson with a pro, or are recommended to do so by a more experienced golfer. 

“To help with their technique.”

or they buy new clubs thinking the answer lies there..

And then casually search for 'quick fix' videos looking for answers..

And this is where all the problems and confusion set in. 

Sound familiar? 

But because it’s the path everybody follows, nobody ever questions it, they just continue to get more lessons- when in fact, this is what’s causing the problem in the first place! 

It can all be much simpler than this. 

Basically, anyone that’s played golf for around 12 months or more requires just two things-

  1.       A set of clubs that works for them
  2.       The self-belief they have a swing that works. 

You might find that surprising, but over the next few pages I’m going to be explain to you-

  • Why it’s stupid to spend so much time trying to change your golf swing.. the swing you're most comfortable with right now is THE best one for your game
  • Why traditional golf instruction got it so wrong and makes learning a better golf game so difficult.. the only person benefiting from golf being taught like this is your Pro..
  • A sure-fire way to hit the ball further.. so you can CRUSH your opponents before they reach their second shot!
  • The single most important asset a golfer can have.. (and the one thing that can completely destroy it)
  • How to play free from fear and self-doubt.. What would your game look like if you didn't have these two factors interfering?
  • How ANY golfer can improve their game no matter what their level right now..WITHOUT having to mess with golf swing technique

And perhaps most important of all..

  • How to find a consistent golf game that will allow you to play the best golf of your life.. Because that's what we're all chasing, right?

It's now time for you to decide if you’re truly ready for the path I’m about to show you.

If you can ignore all the inner and outer noise and ‘advice’ that everyone else follows, and change your golf persona from that of a "thinking" golfer into a "learning" golfer and,

If you have the courage to break away from the herd.

If you can ignore what the masses are saying.

Only then will you truly see real breakthroughs in your performances on the golf course.

A less mainstream method can be scary as hell.

But this is a good sign. A signal you should lean into, not seek to avoid.

It’s the only way forward if you desire to unleash your best version of YOUR golf game onto the world.

Hit the button below if you're ready for the kind of success you know you're capable of.

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