“Take your time!” or “You rushed that shot!”

These are things golfers have been told forever. But, how does one take their time?

The main point here is that it’s normally not enough to just slow down. Why?

Because if your process is all wrong, then taking more time doesn’t help. Just prolongs the agony and probably makes things worse.

The idea here is to have a solid routine to rely on. And the really important part is the mental part of your routine (the stuff we can’t see). The physical part (the stuff we can see), like practice swings, waggles and walking to the ball etc, are less important.

But your focus, your intention and internal goals really are key.

And this mental routine is something I call, BOAR or Belter Of A Routine.

It works, because when the pressure is on, you focus on your BOAR at the exclusion of all else. And with something to focus on, you are able to cruise your way around the golf course without feeling like you’re rushing (or getting distracted).

And a BOAR will help your golf swing too. When you’re in the right frame of mind, you’re less likely to swing the club like an axe murderer.

Ultimately, when your BOAR becomes a habit, you’re able to play golf on auto pilot. This is like the Nirvana of golf enhancement because you’re able to play great golf with the least amount of effort/stress/worry.

And before you think this all sounds too good to be true…

… yes, you will still get nervous. You will feel pressure. You might even doubt yourself from time to time.

But your BOAR brings you back and gives you a process to follow that allows you to slow down (properly) and maximize your chances of playing your best golf.

If you get told way too often that you’re “too quick” or you need to “slow down” and you’d like to see a BOAR in action, then please check out my Automatic Golf Fast Start System.