I was thrilled to see Bryson Dechambeau with the US Open Sunday. He played amazingly well and he has certainly become a fan favourite.

Rory was definitely a little bit unlucky – but it seems – when the heat is really on, he makes too many mistakes.

I rarely make predictions but I did have this to say about BDC back in early March.

“… I think Bryson might have a breakout year. Last year wasn’t too bad, but he might do even better this year”

What made me say this?

I believe Bryson is becoming more automatic and way less technical.

Take this for example that appeared in one of his now many social media posts:

“Arnold Palmer’s advice to “swing your swing” is profound in its simplicity. For someone that has over complicated the game, A LOT at times, I find that when I play my best, I have maybe one swing thought and just “swing my swing”.

And this is what I see when I watch him play.

I saw him in Adelaide up close (amazing)
He could have won The Masters
He could have won the PGA

And he wins the US Open – on a course that many said was too tight and too tricky for him.

But he nailed it. His process is beautiful in its simplicity.

He works out what he wants to do.
He selects a club.
He then commits fully to the process.
He then repeats.

And this is the most important part which as far as I know, has not been mentioned anywhere else.

Because he is not thinking too much and being too analytical, he has way more bandwidth to enjoy himself/play golf.

He’s not as grumpy.
He smiles a lot.
He plays quickly.
He interacts with the crowd more.
He has more time for other stuff (like making YouTube videos)
His real personality is shining through.
And yes, he is playing really well.

And when he had to hit one of the toughest shots that any golfer will ever need to hit (the long bunker shot on 18), he stuck to his process and hit a beauty.

It was just brilliant to watch.

My final point here is this:

BDC true brilliance is his courage to play the game in a way that works for him. Yep, he’s made some mistakes but these are part of the learning process.

And he’s only going to get better and better. There’s really no need for him to go on crazy diets, lift stupid-heavy weights and all the other crazy stuff he has tried.

I truly think he has worked things out and he’ll be a dominant player for many years.

He’s just going to keep swinging his swing and playing golf in a way that works for him. And the rest of the world’s best better look out, because this is a pure automatic approach to golf performance.

If you want to explore this further, I wrote a book about this natural learning process. Many of my customers tell me this is the best book I’ve written and has really helped them appreciate the beauty (some might say magic) of the automatic process. It also comes with a complementary audio if that’s your thing.

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