Learning Secret #4:
It’s probably not your golf clubs:
Change them or move on.

I don’t think this will be popular either, but here goes…

There’s nothing wrong with your golf clubs. They are not the cause of your poor play, never have been and probably never will be.

If you think that your golf clubs are the cause of your issues the solution is easy. Get rid of them. If you’re serious about your game you can’t afford to be using clubs that you don’t feel comfortable with. Chuck ‘em and move on.

This step is the last resort. The majority of golf clubs are just fine. My advice is to stop tinkering and learn to use your current clubs. The chances are there’s not much wrong with them.

Example: Poor putters have a habit of changing putters after a bad putting round. This is the easy option: blame the putter and move on. The hard thing to do is to admit that you’re a bad putter and work out a solution. Changing putters is a quick fix – learning to trust your stroke and putt without fear is a long-term solution.

Some golfers struggle to hit a driver. Sure, you can persevere, keep changing and still struggle with driving the ball. Or you can accept that driving has got your measure (for the moment) go back to the 3 wood (or something else) and start playing without fear or concern. This might sound like being negative but it could be the most positive step you’ll take. You can always come back to the driver later – when your confidence has improved.

I know this is not going to be a popular viewpoint. But if you’ve been struggling with your game for some time and have changed clubs on numerous occasions, it’s unlikely your golf clubs are to blame.

Side note: Once you learn to find your natural swing and play without internal interference, you can get a benefit from having clubs that are matched to your game. Obviously you can only do this when you can play free from distraction.

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