An 'Interruption Free'
Golf Game

The first step to a better golf game is to change your mindset. It’s no good to keep playing the way you’ve always played. That’s not going to work. You’ll just keep getting the same results.

You need to change.

People don’t like change. Change feels uncomfortable and a bit messy. With that in mind I make the following point-

This is not for everyone.

If you want to keep searching for quick fixes and the next “secret” then good luck to you. The Internet world is your best friend and can provide you with thousands (actually millions) of technique based lessons and they’re mostly free. Have you seen Tik Tok?

There are enough tips to keep you going for years – you’ll never run out of new ideas and things to try. I don’t believe you’ll achieve any deep satisfaction this way, but good luck to you if you can’t resist the temptation of the instant fix.

But if you’ve come this far then you’re probably one of the few that has had enough with outdated potential and technique based teaching*. You’re ready to step forward and do something that will unearth your real golfing success.

I don’t like the term teaching one bit. I prefer coaching. A coach is a mentor and someone who will guide you. A teacher just tells you what to do and actually doesn’t want you to figure things out for yourself. I could go on and on here but a teacher really fits into the old model while a coach embraces the LBM.

My coaching is based on the belief that we do so many things each day little thought about the actual technique. Once we trust the learning process we’re able to master skills, and then perform them well for the rest of our lives.

When we disturb the golf learning process with interruptions (and a shit load of technical instructions), we make playing good golf all but impossible. We go around in circles, and make something very natural more difficult than it needs to be.

There is a huge void between how we play golf and how we approach other skills day-to-day. I hope to narrow that void for you.

The road to golfing success is fairly easy. It follows these simple steps:

  • Unlock your natural swing: Not so easy because you’ve been suppressing your swing by bombarding it with too many swing theories, ideas and tips. Interruptions if you like.

  • Automate that swing: Again, not so easy. When you have played well in the past you’ve probably accidentally stumbled onto this. But it was a fluke. Automation is like the 15th club in your bag and it allows you to….

  • … Play golf: This is the fun part. Missed and avoided by most, playing golf is when you can let your success match your potential. Playing golf is free from interruptions. Better still it’s free from self-doubt and fear. You can express yourself naturally and play remarkably. It’s the most simple and satisfying way to play the game


When you follow the above steps you’re then in the ideal position to make any necessary changes to your technique if you see fit. You’ll know exactly what to work on and won’t get stuck on the golf improvement merry-go-round.

I should add here that many are so pleased with their “new” golf swing and game that thoughts of changes and corrections are forgotten about. Plus, I have found that most of my clients can go so deep with "their" way that there's very little time for swing changes, quick-fixes or any other nonsense.

These steps form the backbone of my theories and point you on a path of mastery. I’m not going to delude you into thinking you’ll play golf to a scratch handicap or you’ll soon be walking the fairways on the PGA Tour.

I like dealing with reality. And making false promises and talking shit is not my thing.

What I'm on about is this:

A Learning Based Methodology
will make you a better player

At first you may not see an improvement in your score or handicap - but you may find golf easier and more enjoyable.

The more you can free yourself of internal distractions and interruptions, the better you’ll play. You’ll maximise your chances of shooting better scores and be free of the golf instruction merry-go-round. 

Then, and only then, will you be ready to make huge steps and start making significant progress with your game.

If you’re ready for some game-changing strategies then I invite you to join my Golf Mastery Training Course. It's pure Learning Based Methodology and I'm not sure there's anything quite like it in the golfing world.

My system takes dead aim at all those traditional type instructions and obliterates them while giving you, the struggling gofer, a means to take your game to a level where you know you should be.

Again, my LBM is not for every golfer. And I know some golfers (especially those stuck in the old way) are going to hate it.

But let me leave you with this...

If what you’ve read today has struck a chord with you and you’d like to transform your game, then I invite you to check out my full Golf Mastery Training Course (full details on the next page)

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No hard feelings if you don't want to join or Golf Mastery is not right for you now.

I do hope you've gained at least some insight today and you'll start playing golf with more freedom, trust and enjoyment.

Thanks for reading and good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

Queensland, Australia, 2020