Which of these golfers
can you relate to most?

I want to introduce you to two golfers. These guys are based on me and my golfing development, but they could easily be like you, or some of your golfing mates.

Meet Terry and Graham.

On the outside, they look like similar golfers. But it’s their mindset (or their learning strategy) that makes all the difference.

Note: this is not your typical "mental" golf training. I am not going to ask you to visualise or think positive. What you're about to discover gets to the heart of why MOST golfers can't play their best.

Here’s an image that best describes these two:



For a very long time I was definitely Terry. My game was all over the place and I had a very hard time playing consistently.

And the harder I tried, the worse I became. It was a bit like trying to play golf with one arm tied behind my back.

And boy was it frustrating. Nothing worked or nothing worked consistently. Golf seemed like an impossible nightmare that promised lots, but delivered nothing but mental anguish.

Does any of this ring true to you?

Ok …I have some more questions for you.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t play consistently or better than some of your less talented golfing friends?

Has your frustration level reached sky-high levels and you’ve begun to doubt yourself?

Do you get constant internal chatter on the golf course (and maybe away from the course)?

"Why can’t I play better?"
"What am I doing wrong?"
"What’s wrong with me?"
"Will I ever improve?"
"Is the game just too hard for me?"

And do you ever wonder why some golfers seem to NEVER have the same problems?

Why is building a successful golf game become so HARD?

Let me be honest with you. If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you are not alone.

I get emails and letters from golfers from all over the golfing world who have the same problems.

Golfers that have had enough and just want answers.

They’re confused, frustrated and depressed because they feel they have more ability than their scores and handicaps show.

The harder they try the more complicated the game becomes. Before long, a game that was once challenging and fun becomes tiresome and full of disappointments.

Even more annoying is that while you’re busting your gut and getting frustrated, some golfers are able to play consistently, win and beat the socks off you. Worse still, they do this with such ease that it really makes you feel sick or jealous.

I’m talking about golfers that don’t know as much as you…

Who have what appears to be less skill level and a terrible golf swing…

Who don’t work at the game as much (or hard) as you.

And who really don’t want to play well as much as you.

Despite this, these lucky golfers are able beat you, have way lower handicaps and can even make the game look ridiculously easy with their casual approach. It might even be that these golfers embarrass you with their “unnatural” ability.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had no idea how to answer golfer’s questions. I didn’t even know how to get my own game back on track.

And this is why I have introduced you to Terry and Graham.

Terry is the typical golfer who desperately wants to play his best but just doesn’t know how.

And Graham appears to be a natural. He makes the game look easy and is the epitome of a successful golfer.

Here’s the thing:

Graham is anything but a natural. He has no special gift or talent for the game. He’s just like you and me.

Why can he play consistent and winning golf?

It’s time to go deeper into the golf learning process.

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