“Pesky” is the name I have given to that little voice that sits on your shoulder (or in your head). He is all too quick to tell you:

– You’re not good enough
– To NOT hit the ball into the water
– That you’re about to stuff up
– To keep changing your swing because it’s all wrong
– To give you a running commentary on what you’ve done wrong after each shot

I also see Pesky as a Limiter. He limits your potential because he doesn’t allow you to play freely and without fear. And this almost certainly results in limited learning possibilities.

Pesky used to be quite useful to us. Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, he protected us from being too adventurous and making poor decisions that would result in death.

But our golf game isn’t that dangerous. We don’t need to play in fear. We don’t need to listen to Pesky.

In fact, we should push back at him, even just a little, because that’s where real improvement (and enjoyment) lives.

This pushing back takes some courage (and trust) because we’re almost hardwired to think that we’re in danger if we DON’T listen to him. So we tend to stand still. We’re not really learning and we’re certainly not becoming the best golfer we can be.

I have devoted 20+ years to destroying Pesky. And the funny thing is, he’s still there when I play. But I have learned to ignore his limiting ways and play how I want despite his constant reminders.

And when someone asks me why I do what I do, the best answer I have come up with is this:

To help golfers play free from the negativity of that little Pesky.

It’s like removing the straitjacket. The “Pesky” way is like trying to play golf with one arm tied behind your back.

The other way is a million times more fun and opens up all sorts of possibilities. And the results are way more profound than some quick tip or swing theory (Pesky loves the quick tips because they give him a never-ending supply of ammunition)

I have been telling golfers for years to grab a 7 iron, head to the backyard and swing. Don’t worry about right or wrong. Just swing and feel what is happening. Let your swing flow and go where it wants.

Almost certainly, a few minutes of this type of thing will result in a breakthrough. And I’m willing to bet Pesky won’t be heard. Not even a little bit.

If nothing else, you might find a newfound freedom of golfing without all the noise.

Resource: Automatic Fast Start Guide