Here’s a list of things that make playing golf more automatically and natural worthwhile;

  • Driving to the course knowing you’re going to play well
  • Focusing on playing golf rather than on golf tips or other gimmicks
  • Playing to your handicap (or better) more of the time
  • Having a strategy to successfully negotiate first tee nerves
  • Playing better under pressure than you do normally
  • Hit the ball further without trying harder
  • Less likely to get injured
  • Hitting shots that you never thought possible
  • Practice less but perform better
  • Improve after each game that you play
  • Breakthrough the confusion and frustration of traditional instruction
  • Make the right decision more of the time
  • Play to your full potential
  • Beat players who have more talent than you
  • People will call you talented or a “natural”
  • People will think you’ve got some special gift or god given talent
  • Golf becomes easier and less of a mystery
  • Open up the possibility for remarkable play or something magical to happen
  • Play with inner confidence and enthusiasm
  • Have more fun

If you haven’t experienced automatic learning and playing then you’re missing out. It’s well worth the effort and taking the time to find out more.

Good golfing,