The big thing with PTW is this:

The process is fully dependent on you letting your internal system perform most of the heavy lifting. You need to learn to putt way more automatically and become less reliant on technical thoughts.

The more automatic you become, the better you'll become at golf.

But, the only way to become fully automatic is to have the right focus on what you're trying to achieve.

Too many golfers think their stroke is no good, they are not talented enough or that putting is just too bloody hard.

These golfers, no matter what they do, can't ever learn to putt their best because they don't have the right vision.

In the modern world we get told all the time to "work harder". It's almost like "working harder" is the answer to all the problems.

But working hard is only part of the solution if you have the right process.

You can't run through brick walls by trying harder and harder. You'll just end up hurting yourself. You need a better roadmap.

So what's a better roadmap for putting? Glad you asked...

Here's another image/concept that has a profound impact on me.