I was doing some coaching the other day with a Look & Shoot client who was a having some trouble.

Like a lot of adult golfers, this guy was making things more complicated and therefore way more difficult than they needed to be. And, he was also making a common error with my Look & Shoot System.

He was trying to incorporate a combination of his old way with my newer approach. This almost NEVER works and usually results in your system having some sort of malfunction…

… which leads to worse results instead of better.

I knew, if this client could stop thinking so much and just putt the ball, then he’d do just fine.

Here’s the email I sent  him to get back on track and to start putting better.

[Start of email]:


Putting is really no harder than throwing/tossing a ball to someone. I am assuming you can throw a ball to someone standing a few metres away.

So, you should be able to stand on the putting green and roll the ball towards the hole so it stops near it – and then tap it in.

Then repeat.
Over and over again.
There’s no magic here.
Simply, you are treating all putts the same.You will miss some. But you’ll get plenty.

36 putts is at least 4-5 too many per round. You should be closer to 31 or 30 (I’m also assuming you don’t hit 16 greens per round as this is probably the only excuse for averaging near 36 putts per round)

So there must be a short circuit here. I’ve seen it 100000 times…

… golfers think they are following the system but they’re not. They are (in no particular order),

• thinking too much
• trying too hard
• trying to consciously work out the line and speed
• getting in the way
• not putting freely – not treating the putt like a simple toss
• taking too long
• tensing up
• having too many practise strokes

Many have trouble letting go so they get a mixed bag of results – and it’s mostly bad.
Does this make sense and/or seem familiar?My advice for now is to go to the course (or carpet at home) and putt freely for 10 minutes. Just putt the ball in a way that feels good. And this doesn’t mean worrying about how many putts go into the hole.

Just putt.

Over to you.

I know this advice all sounds pretty obvious, but it’s amazing how many still ignore it. And I suppose this comes from the plethora of technical instructions that we are bombarded with. Many just struggle to simplify.

And it all starts with a bit of discipline to get outside and be more determined to putt freely.

No technical thoughts.
No rubbish.
No ego.

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