A few years ago I was contacted by an old golfing buddy of mine.

We hadn’t chatted in years but I was really interested to hear his thoughts about golf learning…

… because he had read my Look & Shoot book and was a bit of a fan.

Your putting book is the only thing that has made sense to me … you’re onto it. It’s pure. I want it! It’s Goodness. Hat’s off to you”

On top of his positive feedback on Look & Shoot, this guy is a bit of a golfing genius. At the time of our call he was nearing 50 years of age and still had a ridiculous handicap – I think he played of plus 6! This means he had to add 6 shots to his score so regular golfers had a chance of matching him.

Update: Since turning pro and playing on the Australian Senior circuit, this guy has won multiple events including the 2023 NSW Senior Open. He’s doing really well and has impressed plenty with his amazing ball striking ability.

And I can report, when I played with him, he shot a really simple round of 68 (four under). When I was chatting to the members is the bar afterwards, they were quick to tell me that this was one of the worst rounds he’d had all year. In fairness to my golfing mate, it was quite a windy day and he did lose a ball. Plus, the course is a championship course and not that easy.


He is still to this day one of the best golfers I have played with. His ball striking is totally amazing and he just has a way of getting the ball into the hole.

His specialty is hitting shots close to the hole. He has an amazing knack of being able to cruise iron shots from all sorts of distances – despite the wind or other factors – and get them pin-high. He makes lots of birdies and it just doesn’t seem that the game is too difficult for him.

Like I said, he’s a true genius when it comes to playing golf.

The thing I found really amazing was he has pretty much always struggled with his putting game. If I can be critical of him it’s this:

He has overcomplicated the art of rolling the ball along the turf. He has thought too much about it and quite potentially, made things harder than they need to be.

And this is why I think the book resonated so well with him. It’s about reducing the complexity and letting your learning system do the heavy lifting. And this I might add, is what he appears to do consistently with his long game. I am happy to report that his putting is no longer an issue.

Anyway, we chat a few times and exchange stories. And he is keen to introduce something that has helped him immensely over the years.

What is it?

It’s subliminal learning.

What is subliminal learning?

Simply, it’s where you listen to an audio that appears to be really chilled out tunes. It’s relaxing music (no words) that has one hidden benefit.

And that is, the music has hidden (in want of a better word) messages that are picked up by your subconscious mind.

It all might sound a bit spooky but there’s absolutely nothing sinister going on at all. You listen to the audio and the subliminal messaging is picked up outside of your conscious control.

And my mate is quite passionate about this form of learning. He is also quick to tell me that Tiger Woods used to listen to a form of this music when he was young. Apparently he was so fond of this training that he wore out the old cassette tape.

It also turns out that my golfing genius buddy is good friends with a globally expert at this healing music genre and says to me,

”Cameron, we need to do a subliminal audio that’s based on your Look & Shoot System. We have to do it!”

So we team together and get this subliminal audio created. This is all new to me and something that I haven’t done before – I am guided by my mate and he gets the music guru to do the rest. My job was to create some key phrases that are part of the Look & Shoot Putting System and that was that.

Note: I am told that the phrases were all edited by the expert so the messages will hit the subconscious mind fully – so you get the most bang for your buck.

And we didn’t just stop at putting.

We decided to create a complete subliminal audio program that is aimed at your entire game. So yes, you can get assistance with your putting. But also your,

  • Mental game
  • Iron play
  • Driving
  • Concentration
  • Short game

There are 5 audios that make up the program.

  1. One hour subliminal putting audio
  2. One hour subliminal peak performance audio
  3. 15 minute subliminal putting audio
  4. 15 minute peak performance audio
  5. 15 minute combined “super” golf performance audio (for putting and peak performance)

Your job is to listen. Ideally you listen first thing in the morning or when you’re going to sleep at night. I’m informed that this is when our brain waves are best suited and open to learning.

I can report, that when I listen to them at night, I almost always fall asleep. I am told there’s nothing wrong with this and that the audios are doing their job.

I can certainly tell you that the audios definitely make me feel nice and relaxed and I’m generally feeling chilled out. And, most importantly, my golf game feels like it’s getting better and better. There’s less stress in my system and I’m not worried about my form or trying to perform.

Look, I appreciate that a product like this might not be for everyone. And there’s certainly no hard sell from me on it.

But, if you’re looking for an edge with your putting – or your entire game for that matter – then you might get the kick start you’re looking for with these subliminal golf audios.

I have put together a fairly comprehensive page on this product over here. It includes a nice interview with my golfing mate which is worth a listen to just to hear the full story and how he thinks about the game.

Another update: These audios have certainly made some waves over here in Australia. Many of the tour pros have jumped on them and are listening daily to gain an edge. Learn more about subliminal golf training over here.