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This is a website for confused, frustrated and fed up golfers. We make golf success no harder than riding a bike or driving a car. And our point of difference is we focus on a learning mindset rather than just swing technique.

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The Problem With Positional Golf

The Problem With Positional Golf

One only needs to take a quick look at one of the social media channels to see a plethora of swing instructions. And for the most part, the techniques presented all revolve around set positions. Or achieving these positions. The golf industry now has a standard set of...

My 399 Yard Golf Drive

My 399 Yard Golf Drive

If you’ve been around here long you’ll know I don’t get to play that much golf. Clare, my CEO of Everything, runs a pretty tight ship and we’re very busy with kids, kids sport and the general chaos that is our life. But I do keep myself in half-handy golf shape and...

“Can you help me fix my golf swing?”

“Can you help me fix my golf swing?”

Over the last week or so I’ve been sending emails about my natural learning ideas. You can see more here and here. When I start talking about this golf philosophy/learning stuff, without fail, this always happens… … I get an email (actually many) that goes something...

“Cameron turned my putting from my weakest link into my strongest. Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win pro tournaments”
Aaron Baddeley
PGA Tour Star
Here’s What Others Are Saying
I’m so lucky to be a member. There is more value in this discussion on the philosophy on how to play than in 10 hours of golf lessons.
Iain Edwards


You are without a doubt the best golf teacher/coach/instructor/inspirer in the world.

QLD, Australia

“The article is beautiful! … this is a very good reminder that much of what goes wrong in regular sport play really is a matter of chance. Very nice.”
Jeff Simons

Professor of Sports Psychology, Califonia State University

Although I’m new to Cameron’s philosophy, I have found that Automatic Golf really works. If I can disengage my brain from my body, the ball flies true and putts drop in from everywhere.
T.R Sloan