I can think of some horrible times I was paralysed with fear. I was too scared to take the club away – worried that my swing would deviate from plane or I’d cock my wrists the wrong way.

Thank god those days are over!

Why are golfers so afraid of making mistakes?

A school of thought is that if we make a bad swing then we’ll be ingraining that motion.

So the poor golfer makes a feeble attempt – trying so hard to swing correctly that they’re just a mess of bones, mind and muscles.

As a father I have seen firsthand my daughter learning to walk (and a million other things). Learning is ugly. Little Jessica fell over hundreds of times and never was she (or I) worried she’d ingrain a poor walking pattern.

In fact, it’s the mistakes and the corrections that go with them where the magic lies. I’m happy to report Jessica can run, jump, climb and walk without any issue.

It’s time to stop worrying about the mistakes and embrace them. Your goal shouldn’t be to build the perfect golf swing (because this just stresses you out) but to find a way to get the ball to a pre determined target any way you can.

It can be a bumpy ride at times but there’s nothing to be scared of.