I really want you to view the below. It has come from a client who has gotten some remarkable results with Automatic Golf. The below came to me overnight (via email).

Here’s the email:

When thinking about my game with the AG process over the last 3-5 years, I keep coming back to a few key themes that make it work consistently:

    • No preconceived/pre-round swing thoughts
    • No technical putting thoughts
    • Clear visual picture of intended shot
    • Feeling rhythm and flow
    • Simplification of difficult shots.
    • Removing ego and sticking to process.
And the last two have become a lot easier:
    • Staying calm and relaxed
    • Savouring the round and the moment which feeds into enjoying myself throughout.
If I found that the magic happened or I played consistently and comfortably well for the whole round, which indeed has been happening more often, the above points were always executed well.

Some thoughts from me:

The big thing is how SIMPLE this golfer has made things. There’s nothing overly complex to do (or remember) and his focus has definitely shifted to enjoyment.

I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but performance certainly comes more easily if you’re able to enjoy the process.

The other point I really like is, “simplification of difficult shots”. This is a brilliant insight because the tendency, when faced with a difficult shot, is to add more things in.

More thinking
More practice swings
More panic
More time

It’s all a bit counter-intuitive, but if you can relax into a difficult or pressure shot, you’ll do far better. In fact, if you can treat these shots like any other, you might just surprise yourself at how well you’ll do.

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