Many years ago, I worked with a guy who was a complete golf swing guru.

He had all the knowledge and could talk ALL day about swing theory.

And I was excited to learn how to:

Swing The Club On Plane (this was all the rage)
Sync My Upper Body With My Lower Body (this was also popular)
And Some Of The Things The Best Players In The World Were Doing

Problem was I couldn’t make it work. Any. Of. It.

I can’t even begin to tell you how terrible I was at trying to put these theories into action.

In the end, I gave up on all the technical rubbish and focused on something I was actually good at.

Hitting the ball My Way.

When I stopped all the BS theories and started to listen to my gut golf became way easier. And the beautiful side-effect was that I started playing much better.

In fact, I started being able to play better golf when it counted…

… like on the golf course when the pressure was on (because prior, I had this nasty habit of choking and stuffing up)

And the really good bit?

Was a deeper satisfaction with the game. Instead of finding golf annoying and frustrating, I was able to appreciate it more.

I know this is a little deep, but for me, it was mighty important. It was an ideal win-win situation.

And it all happened because of two simple steps:

1. I stopped trying to fix my golf swing
2. I learned to trust in myself (and not rely so much on the gurus)

Two tiny steps that opened up a new world of high performance.

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