This is a question that I have received about 10,000 times over my journey…

“Cameron, I have given Automatic Golf a try and it’s not working now, what is happening?”

I can guarantee you’re struggling to let go and you’re thinking too much about what you’re trying to do.

The adult mind (I call it Pesky) doesn’t like giving up control and it certainly hates change. So it is fighting you and making things difficult for you. So it’s highly likely that you’ve slipped back to your old ways.

And I appreciate that you probably believe you’re playing automatically and doing everything right. But your Pesky mind is deceiving you. Of that I’m sure.

So what’s the way back here?

I recommend that you play a few times (2 or 3) with limited pressure (no competition). Head to the course by yourself and play as freely as possible.

This type of golf offers the ultimate learning experience.

Let go of any thoughts about score about controlling the swing. Forget about results and swing for the fences.

Play like there’s no tomorrow and without a care in the world. This is a time to break free of the shackles and play golf in a way that suits you.

You see, as adults, we normally don’t have too much trouble trying and working hard (it’s drummed into us from a young age). But ask a golfer to let go, try less, stop caring etc, and this can be hard for us.

Many have trouble playing freely because they are scared of making a mistake. But this is poor thinking…

We all need a reminder from time to time to get back to “playing golf” and having some fun. I’m willing to bet this will be some of the most important golf learning you’ll do this year.

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