CAN Play Your Best Golf
Without Needing ANY
Changes To Your Swing!

The notion that you can play better golf without changing your golf swing is an interesting one.

In fact, I believe that statement is not entirely true. If you are to start playing better golf, your golf swing must change. It will change for the better….

… but, you can improve your golf game without consciously working on your swing or adopting the latest swing advice. You can forget about your grip, stance and swing.

I know this sounds like rubbish. How can it be possible to improve your game without working on your golf swing? After all, isn’t everyone working on their golf swing?

Not only is it possible, this new thinking almost guarantees you’ll play better.

Golf has changed

Over the last 50 years (some might say 150 years) golf has been predominantly about technique, technique and more technique.

But there has been a problem.

Golf scores have not improved that much and with the advent of modern technology like video cameras and communication vehicles like the Internet, there has been an explosion of information.

More information has compounded the problem. Where once golf was difficult, it has now become almost impossible.

Poor golfers have been overloaded. There are too many rules and swing theories. Worse still, the advice is often conflicting, confusing and sometimes downright stupid.

The end result?

Golfers end up in a dizzying mess of confusion and frustration. It’s not fun and any sort of golfing mastery can seem impossible.

Now don’t think I’m about to bamboozle you with mental tricks, meditation or visualisation...

That stuff doesn’t work that well either. I’ve tried it all and it can often make a serious problem worse.

There is an easier way.

My advice is both common-sensical and counter-intuitive at the same time.

While it makes sense to work hard, build the perfect golf swing and copy the best players in the world, this is exactly what has been causing your golfing problems.

Others say that the following advice is too easy; that it’s just common sense and it can’t possibly work.

I will expose this contradiction and provide you with powerful and practical advice that can set you free.

More than this it will help you unlock the mysteries of the game, remove fear and help you play better golf more of the time.

Something worth striving for if you ask me.

The bottom line is this:

Much of the modern teaching/instructions don’t work for every golfer. My research suggests that only a small percentage of golfers (around 2%) can make all the theories and technical advice work for them.

Everyone else needs an alternative. Something that allows you to play your best golf without all the mumbo jumbo.

If you have tried all the theories, had lots of golf lessons and spent a small fortune on expensive golf clubs but still can’t play anywhere near your best, then this manifesto has your name on it.

If your golfing buddies keep telling you that you’re unlucky and YOU SHOULD be a way better golfer then I’m going to share with you a new way of approaching the art of playing golf…

… a way that allows you to swing your best, shoot way lower scores and all without needing major swing surgery or spending hours and hours on the practice fairway.

Let’s get into it.

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