Learning Secret #5:
Learn to maximise practice time

A huge problem is not practicing the correct way. Golfers often get exercise, not improvement.

You’ve heard that “perfect practice makes perfect”. But what is the right way to practice?

Over the last 20 years scientists have mapped out better ways to practice. Ideas and strategies that actually work.

And this is where things get really interesting.

For many years people believed (and probably still do) that people are born with a special talent. And to harness this talent requires nurturing. The Nature – Nurture model has become the standard.

But there’s now alternative thinking on how talent is formed.

Tiger Woods was born a natural. Right? Do you think that Tiger was born a natural golfer?

Recent evidence suggests that nobody is born with a gift. The difference between “natural” athletes and everybody else is deep or deliberate practice. 

Learning to practice correctly is a key for you to get the most from your game.

Deep Practice has become a foundation of my ideas but here’s something for you to consider.

Wasting time and hitting balls for the sake of it will do you no good. Practice needs to be structured in a way so you’re actually learning.

One way to get better practice time is to …

Practice like you play –
don’t play like you practice.

What this means is that you need to simulate play when you practice. If you spend all your practice time working on swing changes and attempting to improve your potential then you’re unlikely to get what you’re looking for.

A benefit of correct practice is your sessions should be short and sharp – this makes them more enjoyable and gives you more time to play golf. 

Also, you should forget about hitting perfect shots. You should strive for failure. So, don’t hit the same shot over and over again. Push yourself. Make your practice sessions challenging. Hit lots of different shots and don’t be afraid of mistakes. 

Example: Going to the driving range with the sole mission of hitting 50 shots dead straight (like most golfers do).

This type of practice really is a waste of time. You’re not learning anything and you’re not preparing yourself for play. You’re really only preparing yourself for that “perfect” round of golf where everything is spot on. But how often does that happen?

Golf is unpredictable. It varies and you never ever hit the same shot twice. So mimic this in your practice. 

In an ideal world you need to use practice time to prepare yourself for play. Practice like you play and never the other way around.

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