David said, “Anyhow, I’m sort of in a bit of a “blackout” period in the sense that there is nothing much to say or think about…”

He has come a long way and is not analysing or thinking too hard about his game. He goes on, “… Just keep on hitting balls at the range, chipping them at the short game area, watching quietly and uncritically and repeating as much as possible”.

This is perfect. What more can he do anyway?

The adult mind likes to think, tinker, analyse, change, compare but has any of this really helped you? In most cases this sort of thing gets you away from a flowing motion and of the task of hitting the ball to a target.

I love “watching quietly and uncritically”. There is a lesson for us all. A “blackout” sums it up nicely – forget about all the minor details and just hit that bloody ball and be ready for any insight or lesson that comes your way. David, in my opinion, has jumped the chasm and is on the verge of a major golfing breakthrough. This might be the best bit, ” I officially have no swing theory – don’t believe in them any more…”