Chipping for most golfers is the worst part of their game. Bunker play may sneak in front, but day in and day out a golfer’s chipping game is what lets him down the most. By the way, this is my opinion as many won’t confess to having any sort of chipping problem – they all think their full swing is the biggest issue.

This is a shame really, because improving your chipping isn’t overly difficult. It requires far less physical skill than the full swing and it’s a lot more exciting than putting. And with great inventions like the Almost Golf Ball, there’s absolutely no excuse why we all can’t practice these shots a bit more.

In my latest article I’ve written more about this debacle and offer some insight on how all golfers can improve their chipping. Be sure to check out the last page as you get a sneak peek of my latest training aid.

Golf’s worst skill and how you can avoid letting it destroy your golf game.