Over the weekend I was chatting to a mate about his golf game. This guy is a complete geek and wanted me to smash him between the eyes with a better process. He didn’t want me to hold back and wanted what I think is the best ways for golfing success.

As a full disclosure, we were at the pub and had a few drinks, and some of the language was quite colourful. You can see a infographic of our conversation below (the tame version) or watch the video version (way more colourful) by clicking here.

Automatic Golf Information Graphic

Automatic Golf info graphic

Please watch the video version of this graphic over here.

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  • how to become automatic on those short putts
  • how to read greens like a magician
  • how to putt your best, even when you're nervous
  • how to avoid the pitfalls of pressure and self-doubt
  • plus more

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