One of the best things that ever happened to me was getting to mix it with super-smart scientists in the field of biomechanics.

These guys were the top of their field and certainly knew a lot about golf science. We even developed a golf swing model on all the research.

But it wasn’t really in the field of biomechanics where they helped me the most.

These guys mentored and assisted me with my coaching skills:

“Cameron, we know almost everything there is to know about the golf swing. And please don’t get too caught up in all the mechanics of the swing because people tend to overdo it.
Breakthroughs are going to come from NOT knowing more about the golf swing but rather, getting better at coaching what we already know”.

This was a profound moment for me because it was aligned with what I had already experienced in golf.

Technical teaching didn’t really work for me. Every time I tried to “fix” my swing I’d go backwards. So the thought of simplifying my thoughts and making things easier was something that I was certainly interested in.

And, I quickly learned that there are 10000s of golfers around the world who were interested in that too.

Fast forward a few years and I reconnected with a golfing savant. This guy had taken a 15-year break from the game and was looking to make a comeback and on the Senior Tour.

He liked my “simple” approach and he said it helped him unlock his spark. And to be honest, the guy was a serious baller – his handicap was plus 6 and he had been as low as plus 8.

I’ve played a lot of golf and I would have to say he was in the top 3 golfers I have EVER played with. And in an amazing achievement, despite a long lay off from competitive golf, he won his first senior tournament.

He also spoke to me about some coaching ideas he had been working on for many years. He thought differently about golf instruction and wasn’t scared to walk his own path.

And that’s not all..

…a few years back we worked together and put his ideas together to create a little golf learning product. Last year, we worked on it some more and completely updated it.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been collecting his emails:

“Won today. Putted awesome!”

“26 putts twice in four rounds. Amazing! I could have had 23 putts both times. I am starting to believe I am capable of making everything. I can’t wait for things to keep developing”.

“I’ve never had under 30 putts 5 times in a row. This is getting ridiculous”

“I’ve shot 67, 65, 72, 67 and 67 last five rounds and I haven’t even hit the ball that well :)”

And this last one:

“I’ve had golf dreams all my life but they are always negative. I just dreamed I was 7 under on the back nine in a big event. It’s the first time in 51 years I’ve had a really positive dream. This is no coincidence. You need to tell as many people as you can about our product because it really works.”

The following makes golf learning as simple as it can be. I know it’s a huge claim but I truly think this ticks a lot of the boxes when it comes to getting more out of your golf game without going down the technical golf rabbit hole.

It might even be the “sneaky” way to EASY golf.

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