In my mind, one of the most key things you can do for your game is to own your tee shot. What do I mean by this?

Well it’s simple. When you stand on the tee you have a preferred shot shape on the vast majority of your shots.

It could be a little draw.
It might be a big slice.
It could be a dinky little fade.


What’s key is you have a shot and you trust it.

Time after time. When you’re playing well and when things aren’t going so well.

And if you can find YOUR shot you’ll give your game a huge advantage.

Not only will your tee ball get into play more of the time, you’ll also need to live with the extra confidence this gives you.

And it’s hard to describe the confidence you’ll get when you have a “go to” shot each time you step onto the tee box.

This helps get your round off to the best start.

You can play the harder (and longer) holes well.

You can help keep the big numbers off your card (because you are limiting balls that go OOB, into the water or deep rough)

To be honest, I have been saying for years that enhanced driving is more important than putting.

But please don’t make this mistake

Once you’re locked into your shot it will become automatic.

So, you don’t need to consciously TRY and make your tee shot work.

If you play with a draw you can aim down the right and the ball will naturally curve back to the left.

If the fade is your thing then aim left and swing for the fences. The ball will fade nicely.

If you like hitting low bullets, then you don’t need to try and hit the ball low.

You don’t need to force YOUR shot. You don’t have to remember how to fade or draw the ball.

After all, it’s your instinctive shot.

It’s automatic.

And I’m willing to bet if you’re driving is a little off then chances are you’re not trusting your natural tee ball.

The solution?

Simplify. Trust yourself. And get back to driving the ball in a way that suits you.

Sounds too easy?

I’ve heard it a 1000 times. Automatic learning is like that. It cuts through the BS and allows your best game to come to shine through. Oftentimes adult learners think we need something more complicated and we don’t trust ourselves.

So we tend to spin our wheels going off on tangents. Or we think our equipment is off so we start looking for a new driver.

But rarely is there anything wrong with your driver (or you for that matter).

You just need to get back to hitting your favourite tee ball for a month or two.

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